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Unearth the Tactics Behind Successful ICO Marketing

 With intense competition in the cryptocurrency industry owing to the efficiency of ICO (Initial Coin Offering), firms are relying on all-around marketing strategies across channels to effectively capture the target market. 

Some of the Hacking Tips for ICO Marketing:

  • List your ICO on various websites –  For attracting the attention of big investors, promote your ICO on well-known websites such as ICO bench and ICO alert. This will help in generating a positive buzz ahead of your official launch. While most of the websites provide this service for free, some outlets charge a premium for an attractive advertisement slot. 
  • Explain the benefits of tokens – After creating a valuable token, disclose the rewards which would be received by the holders. Allow swapping of tokens and ensure that it has utility value. Ensure that there is a sustained demand for tokens during the official launch. 
  • Utilize discussion forums – Participate in ongoing conversations about cryptocurrency by creating an exclusive channel on platforms such as Reddit. Focus on how your ICO will solve a specific problem. 
  •  Indulge in strategic PR –  Craft clever press releases and feature your offerings on the largest media outlets of the world to get a higher reach. Develop a long-lasting relationship with well-known websites. 
  • Concentrate on community management –  Since multiple channels of communication need to be handled simultaneously, appoint a team to clear queries and doubts instantly. Be an active voice against scammers, disinformation, and bots. Ensure that a strong trust is formed between your firm and the investors. 
  • Bounty programs –  Develop attractive reward programs for interested community members. Give them various promotional tasks and distribute cryptocurrency as incentives. 
  • Analytical tools – Utilize tools such as Google Analytics to know the different sources of traffic to your website. Devote efforts to understand an investor’s journey and share t relevant information that motivates them to click on your site. 
  •  Paid advertisements – To get higher up the ladder, utilize paid advertisement tools like Google Ads and get a greater amount of traffic. Beware of restrictions on such advertisements in certain social media networks. Share sponsored content on your website for increased visibility and better brand awareness. 

Follow all the above guidelines for ensuring success in your ICO Marketing. Utilize all these strategies to get the much-needed support from different sessions of your audience.