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UGC Reposting on Instagram: Its Benefits for brands

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UGC Reposting on Instagram

Instagram as you all must know is a hub for user-generated content (UGC) which is said to be the most trustable and authentic form of content. This is the reason almost every brand & business has started leveraging this platform and its creatively amazing content for their marketing benefits. 

In this blog, you’ll get to know about reposting UGC on Instagram and everything about it. So, delve in!

What is User-generated Content?

Referred to as any form of content (images, visuals, or texts) that is created by unpaid contributors willingly and is posted on various social media platforms is known as User-generated Content. 

If you see the current marketing scenario, you’ll understand the importance of user-generated content and why UGC on Instagram is considered to be the rock for successful marketing. 

UGC Reposting on Instagram- What Is It?

If you ask us, UGC Reposting on Instagram is the process of curating worthy content and reposting it on Instagram as a part of the brand’s content marketing strategy.

Several big and small brands like GoPro, Coca-Cola, Nike, Wayfair, and many more have been enjoying the benefits of reposting on Instagram.

In simple words, brands can leverage UGC that contains their branded hashtags or mentions and repost it on their Instagram profiles along with giving credits to the original content creator.

Rules to Follow to Repost UGC on Instagram

Gopro branded hashtag

Rule #1: Credits are a Must

Reposting someone else’s picture without giving them credit comes under the grey areas. So, what you have to do is give the original creator content credit not only in the picture but also in the caption. 

Give proper credit to Instagram User

But, if you do not give credit for the content, then it is simply theft. This can land you in legal hassles.

Also, when you share or repost UGC on your Instagram handle. Then it gives exposure to their work, resulting in an increase in their followers.

Rule #2: Always Ask for Permission

Nobody wants to get into the pitfall of legal issues. So to avoid such situations always ask for permission before you repost UGC on Instagram.

ask for legal content rights permission

But encouraging Instagram users to post content with your brand’s hashtag to get featured is not enough. So, what else you can do to get permission from the content creator to repost their content? it to get featured, is that enough?

Technically, you need to get permission to repost the content. But sometimes, for instance, you may also need to take permission from the users who are there in the picture you want to repost.

Rule #3: Create a Terms & Conditions Policy for UGC

There must be a set of some terms & conditions in order to repost UGC on Instagram. That clears your intentions about how you want to reuse the content and more.

For instance, Airbnb is one such big brand with colorful Instagram feeds as most of them are user-generated content.

To collect more such breathtaking pictures, the brand requests permission to repost the pictures with #Airbnb or the brand’s mention to feature them on their Instagram handle. 

Airbnb has created a Terms of Use for the UGC agreement which can be read by the users who reply with #AirbnbPhoto for the confirmation of image reposting.

Therefore, just like Airbnb, you can also create terms of use policy/agreement to use UGC on Instagram easily and conveniently with credit on your handle.

Another way to get permission can be simply leaving a comment on the post or by sending DM to the original content crater. In this way, you can clear your intentions to the users. So that they can grant reposting permission as soon as possible.

Perks of Reposting UGC on Instagram for Brands

We have curated a list of all the amazing benefits that are associated with reposting UGC on Instagram for brands & businesses of all sizes.

1. Build Trust & Brand Credibility

As already mentioned above, Instagram is a goldmine for the most authentic, reliable, and trustworthy form of content i.e. User-generated Content.

And when brands repost all the amazing UGC on their official Instagram handle. They obviously gain the trust of the audience along with brand credibility.

2.  Boosts Audience Engagement

For every business, engagement is one of the most important factors to achieve success.

By reposting UGC on Instagram, your audience gets to know about your brand’s identity and personality in a better way. Therefore, you can boost engagement by creating, sharing & reposting UGC.

3. Word-of-Mouth of Your Brand

Through word-of-mouth tactics, brands can expand their audience reach. One of the best ways to experience this is by taking advantage of UGC reposting on Instagram.

4. Enhance Brand Community

Reposting UGC on Instagram directly impacts the mind of the new as well as the existing audience. And when more people get influenced by your brand’s content, it grows your brand community.


Now you know how you can repost the UGC on Instagram. So it’s up to you if you want to jeopardize your brand’s reputation by not taking permission or doing it rightfully to maintain the dignity of your brand in the long run.