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Toxic links: how to find them and how to clean up your link profile

toxic links

Perhaps we often talk about the backlink profile, but little about toxic links. What are they, how to find them and how to eliminate them? These are the questions we will ask ourselves and we will answer, so as to take stock of the question.

Toxic links: what are they and why are they harmful?

Before getting to the heart of the discussion, it is important to underline that backlinks are very important as regards the ranking of a site and, therefore, if the link building has been done correctly, they are an added value to your strategy. Search engines, in fact, are paying increasing attention to this aspect but, attention, only quality links are taken into considerationTherefore, the quality of backlinks is increasingly important, as is having a nice profile clean of toxic links.

Here, therefore, that it is always useful to check what are the links that point to the site you own. In this case, to perform this specific action, it will be important to go and search the Google Search Console for everything. What appears in the link that links to your site? That is the data that must be analyzed, in order to understand whether it is, or not, of resources actually useful for one’s positioning on search engines.

Toxic links are, in a nutshell, those that come from ambiguous sites, frowned upon by Google and of poor quality. Those, of course, are not doing well and it is possible to go and eliminate them! Like?

Using the Google disavow tool, which allows you to report all the toxic links on your site.

You can also use other tools to thoroughly scan the link profile. One of the best among those that we are currently on the market is, without a doubt, the Backlink Audit of SEMRush, which can also analyze the backlink profiles of the competing sites. This is, without a doubt, a very interesting feature for those who want to keep an eye on some site not his without arousing suspicion. You can rest assured: many do it!

An action of this type is very important because it allows you to improve your backlink profile and, consequently, to acquire value in the eyes of Google and search engines in general!

It must always be remembered, in fact, that a negative backlink, coming from a suspicious site, damages the authoritativeness of one’s own, as well as a link obtained through spam maneuvers. All this will lead to a lowering of what is the ranking level in the eyes of search engines. Keeping everything under control and, above all, remedying by going to reclaim your backlink profile is very important! Only in this way, in fact, you can be sure to do good to your site. All this, of course, must be combined with SEO techniques and, above all, with quality content, which is always the best tool for having an excellent positioning!