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Top 9 Most In-Demand Skilled Jobs in Australia and Canada

Top 9 Most In-Demand Skilled Jobs in Australia and Canada

Forgoing to Australia skilled labor visa is required. Although the people who are going to Australia are going lesser as compare to other countries like India and other countries like the USA, New Zealand, etc., then also more and more people are going to Australia for business and jobs.

Every year so many people are migrating to Australia as there are lots of job opportunities in Australia.

There are various demanding skilled jobs in Australia:

  • Software programmers
  • Electricians
  • Carpenters.
  • School teachers
  • Car mechanic
  • Management consultant
  • Sports coaches
  • Civil engineering mechanics.
  • Architects
  • Psychologists
  • Medical practitioners.
  • Electronic engineers
  • Telecommunication and engineering professionals

Software programmers

Nowadays you have seen that so many mobile apps have developed and besides this so many mobile games have developed so these are basically because of these software developers.

Software developers used applications like C++ and java. For all these you need you do not need a bachelor’s in computer science, you can only do a diploma in IT.


Nurse Job is to assist the doctors. They have to do a different test, record the patient’s history for medical examination. They also help in the emotional support for the patients and helps in motivating them.


There is a growth in white-collar workers in Australia too. Those people who are working as marketing, advertising have more demand in Australia.

Australia study visa consultants in Punjab guide the students for all the various opportunities which are thereafter completing their studies so whether it is graduation, post-graduation, or diploma in any course.

So what are the requirements for the Australia study visa?

Documents required

For the Australian study visa, you require the educational certificate for 10,12 and a bachelor certificate.

IELTS with 6.2 score

Valid passport

For studying abroad you require the offer letter. We can arrange the offer letter for the course according to student education and qualification.

For studying in Australia you should at least require 23-26 lakhs fund for airfare travel, for the cost of living

According to the Australian government, these are the cost of living in Australia.

Student living cost AUD 21,290 P.a

Student spouse living cost AUD 7,200 P.A

Australia Study Visa Consultants in Punjab provides detailed counseling to the individual student with all the admission procedures. We also provide the interview preparation for the students if they are interested to go for study.

Visa Consultants in Punjab for Canada provides different visa services like study visa, tourist visa, training of immigration. Nowadays students are most interested to study in foreign countries. So depending upon the length, of course, our visa consultants help in obtaining the study visa for Australia and other countries.

Tourist visa

Many people are interested to go for vacations and want to enjoy different places in Canada. Tourism is the largest industry through which people can earn more amount of money and attracts migrants to their country. Visa consultants in Punjab for Canada will help the people to go abroad in Australia and other countries like Canada, U.S.A.The experts in our office are there to help in the entire process for the visa and within a limited period, the students and people can go to Australia.

Professional visa

Many people are interested to earn in countries like Canada. Many people go to Canada for the best jobs and to earn more amount of money for their people are searching for experts who are experienced in a professional visa. Our experts are here to provide a professional visa.

Some of the major professions which are in demand in Canada areas

  • Doctor
  • Chef
  • Lawyers
  • Software engineer
  • Mechanical engineers