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6 Tips to Select the Best Garage Door Color

Best Garage Door Color

Though frequently ignored, the garage door plays an essential role in the overall curb appeal of your home. It is vital to select a garage door that matches the color palette of your home without taking away from the other parts of your exterior. Do you need help to decide on garage door style and color? Family Christian Doors can assist you in choosing the best garage door color for your garage.

We are the best garage door repair flower mound. Though the color scheme of yo home may seem to be easy to complement, you must give some consideration when buying a new garage door to make sure your exterior look is proportional.

Read our tips on how to select the best garage door color. 

Commit to one neutral color palette

Limit your color palette. It is the number one rule of thumb. These are the following colors: an accent color, a dominant color, and a trim color. 

Most color families belong to warm or cool tones. Similar to how you do not wear a brown belt with gray socks, it makes sense to wear one neutral color to harmonize your palette. Even white and grays have undertones that can contradict if combined discordantly. If you decide to choose a gray color for your door frame, for instance, select a cool hue for your garage door, too. 

Keep the garage door style of your metal accents uniform 

Select a style for your hardware and metal accents, and stay with it. It is not enough to choose to use only steel or brass- metals themselves can be lacquered, polished, brushed, producing a broad array of tones and textures. If you wish to add exterior hardware to your garage door, make sure it is consistent with the other metal accents of your property. 

It is also essential for you to decide if your home is best matched for angular, curved, old-fashioned, bold, ornate, or modern hardware. Check the general features of the hardware on your front garage door, and use your best decision to pick complementing pieces for your garage. 

Architectural styles and various eras can affect your choice when selecting the best color for your garage door. Do your best to pick accents that are of the same style. Choose the color that feels familiar and what is available. 

Test your chosen garage door color before committing 

We have all encountered the discontent of buying something in a store then realizing it looks the opposite in your home. Inconsistent ambient lighting can change the look of colors- the lighting in your showroom, for example, could make it appear like a specific color would complement your home. Yet, it may look off when seen in the daylight. Color matching from the internet is also unreliable, as different computer monitors show different color tones. 

The outdoor light of your home also differs throughout the entire day- your home appears different at the first light of dawn than it does in the middle of broad daylight or under the glow of moonlit or streetlights. Family Christian Doors will help you choose the garage door color swatches that match your home. 

Record of every metal, color, and finish on your house 

Your future self will appreciate making a record of every metal, color, and finish you have added to your house. Whether it be a handwritten list or a detailed list and spreadsheet, a record of all of the upgrades and investments you have made will save you money and time when it comes to finding your specific information and choice. 

Tech-savvy individuals may want to begin an Excel file or create a folder in their organizer to record the paint colors, hardware sources, plant varieties, metals use, chosen designs, etc. Keep this file kept with your other records like warranty certificates and appliance manuals. When it is about time to repaint, you can easily purchase the same garage door colors. 

Ask the professional garage door technicians for support

Paint manufacturers have created a wide range of coordinated color palettes to make selecting color schemes easy for homeowners and business owners. There is nothing wrong if you choose to use color schemes and palettes from the store or published magazines.

If you are more experimental and confident, choose a palette of patterned fabric that enlightens you and ask the paint counter to help you choose the best one for your door. If you can hire a professional, be choosy and ensure the designer you pick envisions your vision. 

Consider your budget

Finally, the garage door cost is perhaps a tremendous part of making a decision. With that, I have seen garage door costs of $10, 000. Moreover, you will add additional costs for customization and color. 

Do you need something with a little more presentation? We provide a guide for our clients and see all the possible designs, color choices, and style options. Give us a call now.