5 Tips to Recruit the Best Candidates Online

Covid-19 is continuing to be a serious threat to the health and economy of countries. And so, while people are working from the comfort of their homes, for some departments it is turning out to be a smooth sail so far but for some, it is still difficult to adapt to the change. If there’s one thing that is integral for all of us then it is to upskill while also trying to become a jack of all trades.

Currently, in the market, due to layoffs or no appraisal announcements, there are many employees/ ex-employees looking for a job change or a job. So, this blog is for recruiters who are hiring employees remotely by conducting interviews online from their homes.

Deploy various candidate sources-

It is quintessential to not rely on just one source for getting the candidates. If you want to hire the best you also need to separate the wheat from the chaff and source the best candidates. For the same, can instead of just sticking to job portals also start posting on social media and ask for referrals.

Make sure you maintain the database in the recruitment management software you use.  Also, make sure you rely on referrals sent by your existing employees to you. This will help you save time in recruiting.

Practice video calling-

Because we are not used to video calling, as a recruiter you must do mock calls to one another to practice it. Make sure you sit in a quiet place, and keep the background plain, not very noisy/ messy and also sit in the direction of the light. Besides, you should also remember to look through the camera lens and not at the screen as it can deflect eye contact.

Check the connection-

Remember that in the current scenario, you are more online than ever. You are using more technology to stay in touch than physical meetings so this is why even the HR software in India that you are using is the best you have to make sure that the internet connectivity is proper as everything you do now, you do it online. So, even when you are getting on a video call for the panel interview, you must make sure the network connection is strong on both sides.

Conduct a job trial-

Even if you are convinced enough by the skills, communication, achievements, and track record of the candidate, you must not be too quick to close the position with the offer letter to the job. Or you should send the offer letter but not tell them that they have a job right away.

Don’t hesitate from giving them a project a small one that can take up to a week or so wherein they will work on several tasks that you are planning to make them work on once they join you full-time. If this is not the best way to decide if the candidate you are choosing is great enough for the job position or not then we do not know what is.

Have a plan B-

You must have a plan B in mind because there can be a glitch or anything else might come in the way of the interview you planned. So, make sure you have other alternatives like an online test, a rescheduled message, another app, or a virtual room to conduct the interview. Think of some other options as well and then get ready to implement them if things do go as per your plan.

This is new for you and so adapting to this will take a lot of time and practice. If you are determined enough to learn and unlearn the few things we mentioned above then it would become easier for you to hire the right candidate by ascertaining if they are the best cultural fit for your organization or not.

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