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Tips to Find the Best Laptop Protection Plans

It is hard to imagine a world without computers now. Industries, across the globe, are going digital and computers have grown as imperative. Due to portability, laptops are a better option. Its inclusion has grown multifold with the ‘Bring-Your-Own-Device’ system gaining ground. As laptops are costly, insuring them is an excellent option to reduce costs. With their rising importance, the demand for laptop protection plans will also rise.

It is always better to plan your steps. That is why buying laptop insurance to curb the possible costs later is the right decision.

Before getting further into details about various laptop protection plans, let’s check out what it is. 

What is a laptop protection plan?

A laptop protection plan is a policy that covers costs related to repairing damages triggered by specific perils. You can get an assured sum if someone steals your laptop. Having a protection plan is crucial as one laptop in every 53 seconds gets stolen.

Features of the laptop protection plan

While buying a protection plan, keep in mind what all these plans cover.

  • Policies include more than the laptop’s warranty offers
  • Provides financial assistance in case of damage
  • Saves you from a pocket pinch if your laptop gets stolen
  • Includes coverage for a crack or damage to the laptop screen
  • Damage caused by electrical or mechanical failure
  • For theft or burglary, you have to submit a proper FIR copy
  • Accidental damage
  • Liquid spillage or seepage-related damage
  • Laptop battery and port
  • RAM-related issues
  • LCD problems
  • Hard drive crash

Such a wide range of coverage makes these policies all the more alluring. But before buying one, check a few pointers.

1. How’s Your Laptop?

Before moving forward, you have to know the exact state of your laptop. It is essential to know in detail about the processor, body, and other parts of the laptop. You will then find it easier to opt for a suitable plan.

2. Your Plan in Detail

Before making the final payment for the protection plan, go through all the details. The strength of laptops differs from brand to brand. Also, manufacturers sometimes provide extra benefits to lure in more buyers. For instance, a Dell laptop warranty has certain benefits that others will not offer.

  • Some plans come with certain stipulations like a specific time frame. In such cases, you will get a maximum of a month from the date of your purchase to buy the policy
  • Certain plans cover the spillage of liquids. Before getting the plan, you have to check it
  • Also, it is better to ask the salesperson about brands the policy will cover

3. Reviews

Check out all the reviews before buying both the laptop and the policy. This is to check how excellent the support is and whether users have faced any problems at all. Sometimes, while buying a policy, salespersons promise a lot of things. Only by reading these reviews, you will understand how hassle-free your policy is.

  • Check the company’s credibility before buying
  • The customer complaint ratio is pivotal
  • Claim processing time- if the company has a slow processing time, then it will delay the settlement and trouble you
  • Check the credibility of the service partner if there are any

4. Compare Plans

There are sites where you can check various plans and compare them. This will empower you with an idea about benefits and prices.

5. Things Protection Plan Does Not Cover

There are certain things most of the plans do not cover. Before buying your laptop protection plan, make sure you know these all.

  • You will not get coverage for damages that happened during war, riot, or terror strikes
  • Wilful negligence on the policyholder’s part or if someone else was in possession of the laptop during the damage
  • Pre-existing defects mean defects that were there before you bought the policy
  • Wear and tear due to usage and depreciation
  • Damages related to various climatic conditions
  • Maintenance charges do not get included in the policy

6. Eligibility

To buy one, you have to be the owner of the laptop. You also have to produce the bill when you make the policy purchase.


The bring-your-own-device market is all set to score past $367 billion by 2022. Around 59% of organizations will allow their employees to work by using their own devices. These facts establish how vital laptops are about to become. With their rising importance, the demand for laptop protection plans will also rise.

The rise in work-from-home culture also puts a special emphasis on laptops. In the last 5 years, in just the US, the trend witnessed a surge of 40%. If you rely much on your laptop, then insuring it is essential.