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Things You Should Know About Industrial Interior Decor & Style

It’s nonviable not to see how prominent industrial furniture is becoming in the past few years. The interior trend is so widespread that you can’t go to a new place, restaurant, cafe or bar without noticing its influence. Classic industry style furniture strives to initiate the appeal of industrial building space with high ceilings, metal touch and exposed beams. From transformed factories to rustic lofts, the industrial style is all about generating a streamlined design with blended materials. 

What Is Industrial Style Interior Design?

Though no one knows the exact origin of the industrial-chic style interior, some can agree it surfaced because of a necessity for safety and efficiency. It derived from the style of the first-ever industrial buildings, which were constructed in the late 1700s. During that era, buildings weren’t really the most aesthetically pleasing and had industrial furniture, but they were well-designed and constructed to facilitate work, so it doesn’t really matter.

Exposed brick walls, usable metals tools, and up-cycled wood are only a few of the authentication marks of industrial interior design. Anyhow, there is so much more to it than just that, and if you wish to comprise your home, office, or any space, there are several exciting ways you can make it. 

These days, industrial design and furniture are increasingly becoming popular because of the simple, rustic vibe and open floor plans. Moreover, it can usually be mixed with modern style in an almost seamless way to offer quite the contrast and stunning visual appeal. The industrial theme is also swiftly making its way into places to host events such as parties, dinners, weddings, and various other celebrations due to the massive, open spaces and huge windows that offer sufficient natural light.   

Main Features Determining Industrial Style

These are some of the main features that any industrial space must include: 

Wood & Metal Surfaces:

The urban industrial style surrounds metal and wood surfaces in things like countertops and kitchen islands. You may also like to add aluminum, copper, stainless steel, brass, or wrought iron fixtures to your drawers and cabins. Usually, metal finishes are satin, brushed, polished, hammered, and antiqued. For example, weathered grey walls can go well with your decor and exhibit a steely unfinished appeal. 

Exposed Pipes & Ducts:

Generally, pipes, fittings, and ducts are concealed, but they perfectly work for industrial design rough, edgy and unfinished look. They also work well for all-white areas and offer a bold contrast to the metal piping in some cases. Putting some metal tubes and brackets finished in well-polished nickel can also help you complete an urban industrial interior.

Vintage Furniture & Accessories:

Vintage furniture and accessories can help complete your urban industrial appeal to space. Explore pieces crafted with wood and metal, like cabinets made out of hand-welded stainless steel, and blend them with antique light fixtures. You can also choose vintage furniture online in India such as vintage cocktail tables, queen metal beds, sofa tables, end tables, wood dining chairs, or chairs crafted from steel, stone, iron, copper, or aluminum. 

How Can You Get Started? 

Do you plan to take the shot and convert your space into an industrial oasis? Here are a few of the points you can consider: 

Employ Industrial Overhead Lighting:

This fixture is the most simple way to add an industrial touch to your space. Ideal for the kitchen, classic pendant dome fittings work perfectly with a variety of existing interior styles. It adds a vibe of a ‘warehouse loft’ to even the tiniest of ground-floor flats. Moreover, brass fittings are perfect for exposed lightbulbs in your bathroom or bedroom areas. 

Add Industrial Bar Stools:

Generally, with a base crafted from hard-wearing materials like iron and steel, industrial bar stools can add a rugged and rough edge to your kitchen space. Most can have adjustable height features needed to accommodate the varying heights of people sitting on the stool. It was a perfect option for factory workers in the early days as they worked on tables or machinery with different heights. 

Incorporate Industrial Lamps:

One of the most common tools on a factory workstation and the most modern style is that industrial lamps are available in numerous styles and sizes. It goes well with the whole rough and rugged vibe that you’re going for in your home, office, or any area for that matter. 

Go Industrial With Durable Furniture 

One of the prime perks of industrial style is its versatility. So, it’s perfectly fine to add furniture and other accessories that can help you build that decor up. If you’re ready to convert your space and fill it up with old, urban industry charm, find a quality, durable, and cost-effective industrial furniture online. So, are you ready to enjoy the rustic vibe of your home decor?