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The Usefulness of Essay Writing For Students


An integral part of all students ranging from middle school to graduate school is essay writing. For a student to transition from one level to the next, they need to display their ability to write essays, especially when transitioning from high school to college. However, being a requirement, it’s not always easy to write an essay, at least not for most students. The challenge that essay writing comes with often makes many of these students hate such a daunting assignment. Writers from My Custom Essay know a lot about the impact of regular writing on a person. Let’s discover what it is. 

What is an essay?

Any formal and short writing focusing on supporting or presenting a single subject of discussion is an essay. The Latin word is “exagium,” from which the term “essay” came from and meant to bring forth a case. Writing an essay is, in short, submitting a claim regarding a particular topic through making an analysis, outlining your specific perception or point of view, using research evidence to establish ideas, or interpreting facts.

There is some outlined organization a student needs to follow when writing an essay, be it an exploratory, a review essay, a descriptive essay, an analytical, or an argumentative essay. Three parts are comprising an academic composition. The first one is the introduction. Here, you inform your reader/ audience on what you are going to write about. Second comes the body. The body is where you lay down your discussion and give the readers a further analysis of the topic you’re writing about and giving evidence. Lastly comes the conclusion. In your conclusion, you summarize all the data and information you’ve given in the body.

Why is it necessary for students to write essays?

Students develop essential functions and skills in their educational journey through essay writing, thus making it valuable to them. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Practicing and perfecting their skills. When writing essays, students can develop and sharpen their ability to read and write fluently, communicate efficiently, think, and constructively organize their ideas.
  2. Building up an organized and formal method. Students will get to pass down information in a manner that shows order and prioritizing the essential issues.
  3. Organization. Students’ thoughts get in sync with what they’re learning, pick a distinct writing style, and build their vocabulary.

When a student improves their writing skills, it also develops their prowess to tackle other writing assignments. Whenever students continually practice their writing skills, they become equipped to handle assignments ranging from coursework, dissertations, research papers, and term papers.

In what ways do essays affect learning?

There are many crucial roles that essay writing plays in a student’s life other than just excelling in classwork. Writing can be as plain as you either, or you don’t possess the ability to write. However, continuous practice of essay writing can polish a student and make them become good writers. It takes determination and lots of practice on different writing styles to become a good writer.

Through essay writing, you develop a routine that’s paramount when learning. After one has expanded their essay writing habit, they will end up improving their skills in any subject through developing discipline. Similarly, when learning, a student can duplicate this routine, making it a useful tool when learning different things.

Another importance of essay writing is also that it makes one dip into the basics. There is numerous information flooding the current world and makes the subject of their Genuity questionable. Essay writing enables a student to conduct research and determine if the information they are writing is correct.

Why essays play a very significant role in learning?

Without a doubt, essay writing is of much significance in a student’s learning adventure. Through essay writing, a student develops critical thinking skills to dissect an issue, reflect on it, and come up with a conclusion. Essay writing pushes a student to analyze various arguments before coming up with stronger positions. As a result of this, students can address a matter from numerous points of view.

Similarly, essay writing paints a picture of a student’s comprehension of different topics and subjects. It is the knowledge in areas such as language, history, or religion that become palpable to the students when writing their essays. Essay writing gives the student a chance to examine and review different examples and arguments before concluding. Passing on of such knowledge in other subjects improves their writing skills and makes learning effective.

Essay writing is not only useful in school but also in the workplace in the future. For success in the work environment, one should have a good mastery of grammar, basic writing skills, spelling, and communication. Therefore, writing essays acts to shape you to be successful later on.

Should students write essays?

For a long time, the subject of whether students should write essays or not has been one of great controversy. The advantages of essay writing are more than the disadvantages. It’s essential to write essays because it is the only way students will know how to write well. Writing essays helps students with developing arguments and constructing sentences. On top of that, essay writing skills act as an added merit in the job market. Having such a skill improves your chances of securing employment as opposed to the other candidates.

Writing creates positive curiosity. It’s the curiosity that makes an individual look for understanding on certain issues. Developing such an interest makes a student more independent in search of enlightenment and understanding while learning.


Essay writing is equal to studying your soul. That is because, through writing, you learn self-expression by developing writing skills, styles of writing, and vocabulary. The importance of writing is that it keeps you on your toes whenever there will be an assignment and molds you to be ready for employment. For this reason alone, it is helpful for students to do essay assignments as it is for their benefit. Skills a student obtains from paragraph writing will benefit them for the rest of their lives.