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Home » The Trend of Electronic Cigarettes: Why Is Vaping Such A Popular Nowadays?

The Trend of Electronic Cigarettes: Why Is Vaping Such A Popular Nowadays?

Why Is Vaping Such A Popular Nowadays

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Today the world faced plenty of economic, social, and psychological changes. Many of the important notions are not really important anymore. The only valid things are peace, freedom, and human life. However, despite the global issues that disturb us daily, people rarely tend to change their routine habits.

The idea of not having your morning coffee or refusing a few puffs of an e-cigarette during the break at work might seem extremely strange to some people. Even if the costs of this coffee or e-cigarette can save a few lives in some hot points worldwide. Chains of the habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.

E-cigarettes History

E-cigarettes, basically all kinds of e-cigarettes starting from a cig-a-like to a vaporizer for dry herbs, are extremely popular all over the world. The existence of an e-cigarette is measured as about 20-25 years old. To begin with, it should be stated that the primary idea that was put behind the creation of e-cigarettes was to help people avoid health issues that can appear because of smoking.

Why Is Vaping Such A Popular Nowadays

That is true that e-cigarettes were developed to fight the problems that smoking brings and become a healthier substitution. However, the greatest problem is that e-cigarettes have turned out to fail this mission. They did eliminate some harms that a usual cigarette had, but they cannot be called harmless because they still put a person at the main risk of smoking which is addiction.

The e-cigarettes’ creator, Hon Lik, comes from China. He used to work as a pharmacist, and the idea of e-cigarettes struck his mind just after his father had passed away. The inventor’s father had lung cancer that developed because of smoking. The main idea that Hon Lik had in his head was that the reason for cancer development was the tars that evaporated from the cigarette while tobacco got burned.

Unfortunately, he never thought of nicotine as a problem at that time, so he decided that changing combustion into simple heating would be enough for people to avoid any health issues linked to vaping. Being a pharmacist, he was inspired by the inhalation therapy apparatus and used it as the basis for his future invention. Shortly, this is how the idea of a vaping device and its practical realization appeared.

Simultaneously, it does not mean that the first vaping devices on the market were just modified inhalation therapy apparatuses. Hon Lik created his device in the late 1990s, but the first vaping device officially produced for sale was launched on the market at the beginning of the 2000s, at approximately 2003. The United States was one of the first countries where the device got popular. One of the reasons was the endorsement of the devices by celebrities.

Leo Di Caprio was one of the first four actors seen with an e-cigarette. He used them both in everyday life, which we can know from the paparazzi’s photos, like during jogging or having some rest at the beach and during the official ceremonies, he was invited to. The other celebrities started using the devices as well, which grew into mass-scale use of the devices all over the United States.

Vaping Today

As for now, many ideas around vaping have changed. People still try to define the best portable vaporizer even though the number of models has grown by unbelievable figures. Manufacturers try to fit any possible needs of a vaper to attract more consumers. In fact, most of a person’s needs have been found reflected in new models with less vape maintenance. There exist nicotine-free vaping devices. There exist flavored e liquids for vaping devices. There exists the best cannabis vaporizer. There exist vaping devices which produce tons of vapor. Thousands of kinds of vaping devices.

In today’s digital era, it is often important for a vaper to have a device that can be charged once for a couple of days. The most powerful batteries for vaping devices can perform so well. Therefore, many people prefer charging their device once in a couple of days rather than buying a pack of traditional cigarettes daily.

Also, modern people are more used to comfort. They are eager to diversify their routine as much as possible. Various e-liquid flavors help to do this. The best dry herb vaporizer for cannabis can also fulfill this need. The other important pro is that vaping can help exclude nicotine from one’s life, which will mean a lack of substance addiction even though you can still be habitually dependent on vaping.

The other reason for vaping popularity is that people often think that it can help them get rid of stress, which is the opposite. In fact, nicotine tends to boost the stress level. It happens the following way. Firstly, a person, who is stressed, feels an urgent need to lower the stress level. However, instead of going for a walk (because they do not have time for this) or eating healthy food, they prefer a few puffs from their vaping devices.

Secondly, nicotine gets into their brains, and the interaction begins. Plenty of receptors is getting involved. For the first phase of this interaction, one feels more relaxed than before vaping. However, people tend to get even more stressed after some time than they were before. Then, the circle gets repeated. This is the way a usual vaper suffers from stress. At the same time, stress is not the only reason people vape.

One of the greatest true reasons for people becoming vapers is marketing. Vaping industry has built a strong marketing strategy so that one can see plenty of vaping ads in their lives. This makes us subconsciously think of becoming a vaper ourselves. Unfortunately, people are inquisitive. Usually, even having some negative information about vaping, we are still eager to try it at least once. “Just to know whether it is so bad or not”. Remember, curiosity killed the cat.

For sure, there exist many other reasons why vaping has become so popular. However, most of these reasons were used by advertising agencies to make vaping popular all around the world. There are some obvious advantages of vaping over smoking on the one hand. On the other hand, the basic idea of vaping device creators was to decrease the harm from nicotine, while now it is only growing.