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The Perfect Methods to Drive Success Using YouTube Ads

Around 40% of the global shoppers bought the products they saw on YouTube Ads, known to be the second-largest search engine among the websites. It serves as an excellent source for the users who want to find out the information about their niches, companies, and products. 

While the U.S. adults try to spend their valuable time at least for a few hours within a day, by watching videos, YouTube is the first option to advertise your business. Always running a productive YouTube ad campaign is slightly a difficult one, though, if you are unaware of the ad and their model, you need to look into the different methods to crack the success. 

So, in this article, we’ll provide you with the valuable insight for YouTube advertising, that includes the 

  • Types of ads you can work with
  • YouTube ad and their examples for each type
  • Advantage of using YouTube ads

Marketing your business online can be a little challenging task. Yet, with the actionable insights and formula from the Revenue Weekly, you can simply amplify your campaigns and kickstart with the effective outcomes. 

Different Varieties of YouTube Ads:

Before diving into the YouTube video ads and their types, we have a breakdown of the several kinds of ads available for business development. The three main types of Ads: True View, Bumper ads, and Pre-rolling Ads.

TrueView Ads:

The first and foremost type of YouTube is TrueView ads that can run for your business; they appear during, before, or after a video. This ad also gets displayed on the search result pages. TrueView is one of the skippable ads.

Are you running YouTube ads? Then you need to pay the fees if your user watches at least 30 seconds of it. For ads whose time limit is less than 30 seconds, you won’t get it charged unless your viewers look at the complete video. You also need to pay if someone taps on your ad’s link, besides how long they watched. 

TrueView ads further classified into two types; they are:

In-stream ads: These ads can be played during, before, or after the YouTube video has been played and are skippable ads for the five seconds.

Discovery ads have been displayed on the YouTube search results page on the right-hand sidebar. 

What Does Pre-rolling Ads work?

Pre-rolling ads play the same as the TrueView ads. These ads can stay about 20 seconds a long time. The main difference between the pre-rolling ads and the TrueView ads is that the audience can’t jump off the pre-roll ads. These are unskippable ads. 

Effects of the Bumper Ads:

Bumper ads are called non-skippable in the YouTube videos. Also, these ads are generally running for six seconds duration and also displayed as banners earlier or during videos. 

Great ad format for making the brand recognition by catering a unique angle on the ad campaign and thus makes your memorable impact on your audience. 

Real-time Examples of YouTube ads:

Some of the examples of YouTube ads work to cater you the best idea of how you can advertise on YouTube. 

Central Penn College:

This particular type of ad works based on the TrueView Ad using the in-stream that emphasizes the experience to attend their college. The main target of the ad is to help the students to receive the information from the college. Also, this type of ad is skippable for up to five seconds. 

The main objective of using this ad at Central Penn College is precise and informative. It attracts the audience’s attention and makes them interested in their school. Plus, Central Penn gains on their TrueView ads when their display ad looks on the same page. As the college functions both the types of ads, this helps to increase your YouTube likes with brand exposure and increase the possibility of someone who checks out their ads. 

Hence, after the pre roll ad is finished up, and the viewer keeps looking at the video they want, they will continue to make up the brand recognition by watching the display ad in the top corner. 

Advantages of using YouTube Advertising 

Enjoy the benefits for your business using YouTube advertising; let us look at four of the profitable results of running the YouTube ads:

Focus on the Customers betterment: 

Youtube caters to the advanced focusing where you can reach the right set of people. You can also focus on niches, keywords, and more. If you work in the automotive company, you can target the people who are checking your videos like “Best cars to buy” or “Best engine for cars.”

Improve your Reach:

YouTube has about two billion users, which means you have the perfect chance to reach enormous people looking out for the services or their products. You will have to get a bunch of people who are searching and watching videos on YouTube.