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The Best Hospitals in India for Heart Surgery

Cardiac health issues are widespread in India, with a majority of them being treated effectively through invention in heart surgery. Recent research noted the existence of more than 50 million heart patients in the country. 

Among various processes which can be opted to combat the different types of cardiac issues, angioplasty has been the most popular choice with a growth rate of around 25-30% annually.

Closely following is the bypass heart surgery, though data has suggested it to be lagging behind by a remarkable margin. While more than 2.5 lakh patients go for angioplasty every year, the number for a cardiac bypass is around 1.5 lakh. 

Nevertheless, both these numbers suggest the high rate at which the Indian populace is requiring cardiac surgeries. Worth noting, these procedures, along with their pre and post-surgical treatments, usually amass a significant medical bill. This aspect, however, can be easily handled if an individual utilises health card benefits and other financial tools like it.

Best hospitals for cardiac surgery

Despite there being numerous hospitals equipped with this procedure, only a few are considered remarkable in this field. While some of the most important and established hospitals are listed below, it is important for patients to also note that this procedure does not come cheap. Consequently, it is best to avail health card benefits to manage the overall financial expenditure.

  • Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, Delhi: Treating more than 70,000 patients in their cardiac department, this hospital was the first in Asia to introduce technologies pertaining to operational fluid management.
  • Apollo Hospitals, Chennai: Considered to be one of the top cardiology hospitals in India for over the years. They were the first hospital to introduce cutting-edge technology in their cardiac unit called Mitraclip. They were also the first Indian hospital to conduct trans-catheter mitral valve replacement.
  • RN Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences, Kolkata: It is founded by Devi Shetty, one of the most renowned cardiac surgeons in India. The hospital boasts of cutting-edge technology along with a high rate of professional success.
  • New Age Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai: It is known to conduct the first of this world’s conscious off-pump coronary artery bypass heart surgery. It offers a team of more than 50 cardiologists, surgeons and experts. This hospital has performed more than 3,000 angioplasties without single mortality.
  • BGS Gleneagles Hospital, Bangalore: Renowned for its various cardiac surgeries with an elite batch of surgeons. As the hospital is equipped to treat medical conditions like bacterial endocarditis, cardiomyopathy, angina pectoris, etc.

Avail a health card to address expenses related to heart surgery 

A convenient financial tool directed at ensuring premium healthcare for its holders, Bajaj Finserv Health Network EMI Card allows an individual to repay his/her medical bills in convenient installment. Available at a yearly amount beginning at Rs.589, these cards also offer various additional benefits. It make healthcare more easily available to middle and lower-income groups.

Among the several health card benefits, a major one is that of high-value discounts and rebates offered by different partner stores and hospitals. This includes medicine purchase, diagnostic test costs and even procedural expenses. Which thereby reducing the total billing amount by significant numbers.

Features of a health card

Interested individuals should also note the various health card benefits which are discussed –

  • High billing amount: These cards offer an amount up to Rs.4 lakh to clear any medical bill. Consequently, it covers most medical procedures along with their related costs like medicine, rehabilitation, etc.
  • Choice of repayment tenor: Cardholders have the option to repay their medical bills at their convenience as long as it is within 24 months of its payment.
  • Covers the whole family: A single card covers a whole family, thereby streamlining the expenses and making it hassle-free for a family.
  • Prompt activation: Individuals opting to go for a health card apply can complete the procedures within minutes and have it functional once they clear their payment. Furthermore, these cards do not have any document requirements, which make their application process even easier.
  • Easy usage: These cards can be used in almost every hospital, medical store, diagnostic centers, etc. in the whole country. Along with ease of usage, these also offer discounts which make them even more lucrative.

Individuals considering to apply for a health card should also note that there are 2 variants of these cards. The fine print on both of these should be read carefully to be aware of their individual benefits. You may avail benefits before applying for them to make the best of their features.

Be it a cardiac surgery or any other health hazard, health card benefits can be of immense help in coping with the rising medical costs. Existing customers can easily apply for them online. While others can opt to visit a partner store or hospital for a simple process of card activation. Once activated, every type of health-related expenses can be managed through these cards with ease.