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The best content to get backlinks: here’s what they are

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Content Attributes

Obtaining authoritative and good quality links or backlinks to your site are one of the goals of every webmaster.

The reason is quite intuitive: when Google detects that a certain site is linked by other authoritative sites. Then it assumes that this first site is of quality and that it is. In turn, authoritative and rewards it by moving it up in the search engine pages. The link building, for that matter, does just that.

Getting links from other web portals. As long as they are obviously authoritative and considered serious and quality by Google is always an excellent result. There are also some posts and themes that allow you to get more links to your site than others and knowing them can make a difference.

But what are the contents that allow you to get more inbound links than others?

It should be specified that every content if it is 100% original and of good quality, is able to obtain incoming links to the site. However, there are some topics that can attract backlinks to the site in an articulated way. And knowing what they are can help create ad hoc posts to try to improve the position of the site on Google. Let’s see what are the contents that attract more links on Google.

The best content from backlinks

  1. Use lists. Post lists are excellent strategies for getting links to your site. There is no real reason because, we only know that people love lists, they find them attractive and orderly. For this reason, if in the past you have written a series of posts concerning a certain theme or problem, providing solutions. You can now create an excellent post from a link entitled. For example – “7 ways to eliminate cellulite” or ” 3 foolproof techniques for writing effective guest posts ”. The lists of posts are highly appreciated because they allow you to find the solutions. You are looking for quickly and easily and therefore are excellent for anyone who wants to hoard backlinks.
  2. The infographics. Graphic info is an exceptional tool for anyone looking for backlinks to the site because they tend to go viral quickly. So if you have a little skill in the field, you can transform an article into a real infographic. That allows you to evaluate the theme and results in a few seconds without wasting time on the viewer. It is, therefore, some of the best content for those looking for backlinks for the site.
  3. A thorough guide. Here is another ideal tool if you are looking for backlinks: a guide on a certain topic. It is a very long post, more than a normal article, well organized and divided into paragraphs, preferably with an initial index. The post in question must specifically deal with a question or a problem. For example, how to solve cellulite, or what are the basic rules of SEO. In order to allow a complete approach to a theme by the interested public. If you have some time to invest and if you master a theme really well. Then writing a guide to get backlinks is the way for you.
  4. Create a case study. Creating a case study can be a good solution if you are looking for an easy way to receive backlinks. The case study is an experiment that can be useful especially. If you have time available and being unpublished it will guarantee you a lot of attention.