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7 Rare SEO Techniques That Will Boost Up Your Traffic

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO, as it is popularly known, is developing website traffic from search engines. The SEO techniques aim at the unpaid traffic of a website generated through search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It is as simple as increasing the website’s quality for enhanced visibility acquired from these search sites.  Prioritizing the raw traffic from SEO is equally important as concentrating on the paid traffic.

There are many SEO techniques used by website marketing professionals and creators to increase the visibility of a website in a search engine. The higher the ranking and visibility of a website in the search engine; the higher the traffic generated from it.

SEO Auditing:

Conducting an SEO audit of a website is necessary to increase the traffic from the search engine. SEO auditing includes a thorough examination of the website, the finer details, and concepts. For a website to have magnum SEO traffic, it is necessary for the best In Houston SEO companies to regularly check the site’s performance and implement strategies to rank it higher. The primary things to consider during an SEO audit include:

  • Meta titles and descriptions: They highlight the website on the search engine.
  • SEO keywords: These include the primary words that a user may use while looking for a website.
  • Keyword stuffing: It is the count of keyword appearance in a content piece or the webpage.
  • URL optimization: A short and simple URL with a keyword is perfect for SEO.
  • Formatting: The content of a web page should be well formatted and placed appropriately.
  • Image Keywords: The images should have keywords mentioned in the ALT tags for the search engine to rank the site.
  • Interlinking: The content of a web page should have internal and external links to earn a higher ranking.

Monitor Google Search Console stats:

A digital marketer can use the Google Search Console to detect issues that affect the ranking of a website. The tool helps to locate crawl errors, and sitemap errors and research the most frequently used keywords in search engines. The application finds issues by conducting a thorough background check on the website and gives a detailed report of any existing problems. It is essential to use this tool regularly to maintain a good ranking in search engines.

Optimized Landing Page:

A landing page is the main page that the user lands on after clicking its link on the search engine. The landing page should be well-optimized with SEO, images, and content to engage the visitor and increase overall traffic.

If the landing page is broken or not impressive enough, the viewer won’t even look at it for more than a second. Companies and organizations in B2B business and marketing should create a useful landing page to grasp their customer. A landing page should always be:

  • Clear and clean: Messy and haphazard landing page and content is a big turn-off.
  • Minimal navigation: IF the landing page has lots of interlinking that distracts the user, the traffic will get lost in no time as the user gets distracted.
  • Informative content: Useful, crisp, and information-rich content is the key to getting more traffic.
  • Call to action: Every landing page should have a call to action (be it to purchase a product, download an application, or any other related service) to engage the viewer.

Mobile-friendly Website:

A website should be compatible across multiple devices. With the advancement of smartphones and their features in them, people surf the internet more on smartphones than on any laptop or desktop. It is essential to create a responsive website that is mobile-friendly and compatible with other devices.

Responsive website designing is a process where the desktop site and webpages are compatible with any screen size the viewer is looking from. This process also aims to deliver the same services in a mobile-friendly website available in the desktop version of that page.

Use Visuals:

Visuals can be in the form of photographs and infographics. These elements help a marketing professional to explain complex content in a rational and understanding way. A web page also needs images and infographics along with the content. If a web page has only content and no visuals, the viewer would be bored and leave the website.

Visuals help to increase website traffic significantly. Additionally, search engines pick up websites with eye-catching content and visuals. According to studies, a person is 30 times more likely to follow a web page with visuals and content than a regular text article.

Roundup Posts:

Create an engaging roundup post on the web page to earn more website traffic. Roundup posts are lists or interviews about a topic or anything related to the website featured on the webpage. For example, in the case of a cosmetic business website, the roundup posts would be a list of the best makeup essentials or a couple of experts giving their opinion on making the best of a glam look.

Roundup posts are best to keep viewers engaged and earn traffic. The website can also ask the experts to share the interview and the post across their social media handles, eventually gaining more traffic from the followers. The immediate result of this is the website gets featured in front of a vast audience and followers.

Internal Linking:

Interlinking a website to other web pages and its blogs earn more traffic from search engine. Search engine giants like Google index websites that have more interlinking as it highlights the depth of the webpages.

However, it is always unnecessary to interlink newer articles or blogs; one can interlink older blogs relevant to trending topics. This strategy, too, helps develop a website’s structure and increase traffic from the search engine. It also increases the SEO value for the interlinked pages, and they get highlighted more in the search engines.

Optimizing the SEO of a website is crucial to get a higher ranking in the search engine. The right and the best SEO techniques go a long way to making a website user-friendly and earning it the topmost rank on the user’s search page.