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5 Big Advantages Of Using Google Alerts For Small Businesses

Which tool do you mostly prefer when it comes to monitoring your business online? A majority of businesses will vote for Google Alerts. Not because they can easily access this tool but because they can enjoy more than one benefit for their businesses.

Google Alerts has been the best partner for small and medium-sized businesses. Because of its free service, marketers do not look for any other alternatives. Rather stick to this tool to attain leverage. Zero reputation management cost is one primary reason behind the applause.

Okay, let’s focus on the advantages that you can enjoy using Google Alerts.

5 Top advantages of using Google Alerts for small-scale businesses

Top advantages of using Google Alerts for small-scale businesses

To monitor brand mentions:

Brand mentions have a separate fan space for marketers. They build up brand engagement, spread brand awareness, and enhance business outreach. And that’s the reason why marketers prefer to throw different programs and launch campaigns to cultivate more numbers of mentions online. But what’s the use of generating brand mentions if you can’t monitor them?

Google Alerts gives you the leverage to monitor all your brand mentions generated from different sources. It crawls the entire web and social media to accumulate your mentions. All you can view simply by login into the Google dashboard.

To monitor competitors’ activities:

Brands always face a situation where they want to know more about their competitors. Just having an overview of who the competitors are is not enough to beat them in the market field. To turn your business competitive, you should even figure out their marketing approaches and activities.

For example, you should learn about the different marketing campaigns, running ads, marketing techniques they use, keywords they prefer, how they target the right audience, and much more. In short, you must have a complete business graph about the competitors.

This is when Google Alerts come to the service. Using the tool, you can see where exactly your business is located in the competition. It will present you with multiple business opportunities through which you can beat your competitors and get a spark in your business. For a better marketing strategy, monitoring your competitors is necessary.

To identify plagiarism:

Maintaining a blog is now the trend. Every website owner has a separate column for their bloggers to pen down some words related to the brand. It is found that blogs are responsible for generating 55% of web traffic, provided that the blogs are unique and one-of-a-kind.

Hence it is necessary to find out the percentage of plagiarism for every blog. Google Alerts gives you access to determine whether your blog is 100% plagiarism-free or not. It will crawl the competitor websites, check out different sites, and find whether the content is already published.

To determine negative content:

Negative content brings down the search engine rankings of the site. It impacts the brand negatively, increasing bounce rates, and reducing the number of conversions. Hence, to improve your brand engagement, you must take negative content seriously.

With Google Alerts, you can keep an eye on your negative content. Whenever any new negative content gets posted over the web or social media, the tool instantly notifies the users via email. Be it negative feedback, negative reviews, or any negative post related to your brand, you can keep a tab on them by browsing the Google dashboard.

To learn industry trends:

To stay competitive in this digital marketplace, you must run your business based on the latest marketing trends and strategies. Therefore, marketers should keep themselves updated with trending technologies and marketing resources.

On Google Trends, you can learn about the latest industry trends. By monitoring the competitors, you can find out the techniques they use to promote their brands and services. What else do you need to escalate your business?

The Bottom Line

Google Alerts is never overlooked by marketers. Whether it is the entrepreneurs, startups, or small, medium, or large-scale enterprises, Google Alerts is always the first choice they make. The reason is clearly mentioned above. If a tool offers one-stop monitoring solution to the marketers free of cost, there will hardly be any fool who avoids this.

So, are you worried about your web reputation management? Take a sneak peek at the companies offering ORM services or else choose this powerful monitoring tool to serve your purpose.

Google Alerts is always there at your service. Just login with your Gmail account and set up alerts.