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The Best At-Home Gym Workout Equipment You Must Have to Stay Fit

Some gyms are still closed today due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the reason why more people are searching for the best home exercise equipment. All the bodybuilders, gym-goers, or people who just love moving their bodies and working out are searching for the best at-home choices. A lot of people consider going to the gym as therapeutic, it’s a place where there is no judgment, where you’re allowed to cry, sweat, lift, exercise, and do whatever. Most of the time, it’s a space where you can go to improve yourself. 

However, just because the gyms are closed, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop working out and just lay around at home. Although gyms can really motivate you, working at home can also be just as effective but they take some extra motivation. If you’re looking for some of the best gym exercise equipment for your home workouts, we’re here to help you. 

Yoga Mat 

Yoga is one of the best bodyweight training exercises you can do at home. Having a yoga mat is not only used for yoga but also for making bodyweight exercises like stretching and core workout more comfortable and easier. In addition, it can also give a nice surface for doing strength training. A lot of basic yoga mats are cheap and effective without the need to break the bank. If you’re a tall person, look for a yoga mat that’s longer than most common mats out there. 

Doorway Pull-Up and Chin-Up Bar 

Doorway Pull-Up and Chin-Up Bar 

If your focus is to help keep and attain upper body strength, all without the need of adding weight, your go-to exercise equipment is doorway pull-up bars. Pull-ups are great for engaging the muscles in your back, chest, arms, and shoulders, and they can help you to easily separate muscle groups by changing your hand position on the bar. If you aim to hammer your biceps, performing the chin-up variation—palms in the direction of your body—may be the proper variation for you. Aside from that, if you have resistance bands you can also use them for a pull-up assist. 

Jump Rope 

Jumping rope is something that we can all enjoy since it was considered a fun game that we do as young kids before. Remember the times when you play with your friends or cousins how you would do a competition to see who will have the highest count of jumps? Well, you can still have fun as an adult with your jump rope. Jumping rope is proven to help strengthen the upper and lower body. Just doing some jumps can make you instantly feel it in your legs. It’s known to be an effective cardio workout.

Since it’s fun, we’re sure that it will be your new favorite stamina and endurance booster workout. If you want the jumping rope exercise to be a more intense one, you can buy skipping rope to empower the shoulders and upper body muscles, as they are harder to use. You can take this childhood play as one of your workouts.

Exercise Core Sliders 

Doorway Pull-Up and Chin-Up Bar 

Core sliders, or known as gliding discs will have your planks and core routine undergo a whole new level. These discs look like Frisbees which provides choices for both hardwood and carpet floors, creating unlimited options for low-impact movements throughout an intense workout. You can utilize them to enhance major muscle groups all over your body, such as your inner and outer thighs, butt, and legs. 

Using gliding discs can increase the intensity of many different exercises, without the need to add any impact. It’s a total win for your joints. Some of the moves you can incorporate into gliding disks are plank jacks, mountain climbers, side-lungers, speed skaters, and variations of push-ups. 

Resistance Bands 

Resistance bands become the popular go-to equipment for home and even travel workouts. A lot of personal trainers and gym trainers recommend these bands since they are portable and come in various sizes and tension levels. It works for all kinds of levels of athletic skills.  

Aside from being travel-friendly, you can instantly switch between moving and working your core, arms, and legs without changing tools. 

Ab Rollers 

For your core, ab rollers are the trend today and they can help you achieve a strong core. Having a strong core can provide great benefits such as an overall balance to enhance your posture. It’s a tool that may look very easy to use since it includes a wheel and handles with grips but the movement can be difficult and challenging. It will leave your abs sore (which is good) as you roll the wheel while on your knees for just several reps but it can effectively make your core stronger. 

Peloton Bike 

Doorway Pull-Up and Chin-Up Bar 

If you don’t like biking outside, the peloton bike is your perfect choice. They provide monthly subscriptions for their bikes. It’s the pedaling dream for those who are wanting to attend cycling classes or for people who prefer the great cardio and strength that cycling gives.