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Tableau v/s Microsoft Power BI – Choose the Best-fit Software for your Organization

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Adopting Business Intelligence software is the new trend we are seeing as the global crisis hit the market. Companies with voluminous data during and before the lockdown are now switching to these platforms to bring out the value from the same. There has been a great increase in the demand for BI software. We see people often get confused about which one to buy.

If you are also juggling to find the best Business Analytics Software for your organization and don’t know which one to choose, then this blog is for you.

In this blog, we’ll compare the two popularly known BI tools, Tableau and Microsoft Power BI on the basis of their features, prices, and advantages. The ultimate decision then will rest with you, which to opt for? So, let’s start:


Tableau BI software is well-known among emerging enterprises for its creative dashboards, intuitive reports, and analytics. It’s the next-generation BI platform with in-built artificial intelligence. The recent relationship feature of tableau software, added earlier this year automatically arranges the uploaded raw data as per the relative tables in the data. This helps in better arranging and analyzing the data as per their respective relationship Add Data Visualization skills to your profile by taking up a Tableau Course of industry-standard taught by experts.

Tableau has three main products: Desktop, server, and online, and three licenses as well. Irrespective of the tableau partner you chose, the pricing of the software remains the same. The costs of all three licenses are as follows:

  1. Tableau Creator License – Designed especially for the individuals who run the analysis of the data and create reports out of the same, the tableau creator license cost is $70 per user/per month for on-premise deployment.
  2. Tableau Explorer License Cost – Designed for self-analysis of the stats and reports received from the creator, the tableau explorer license costs around $35 per month for on-premise deployment.
  3. Tableau Viewer License – Designed for a higher level of analysis and to make mission-critical business decisions based on the same, the tableau viewer license is for the CEOs or other individuals in the leading role. It costs around $12 for on-premise deployment.

The cost for each license changes minutely when deployed on the cloud. However, you get rid of hardware maintenance charges when deployed on the cloud. Also, the best part of this software is the scalability. You can easily scale up the number of users and the license type as your company grows.

Having learned about Tableau software, let’s understand Microsoft Power BI too.

Microsoft Power BI

This too is popularly known among technology-oriented companies. The main products include Desktop, Professional, and premium. This is also cloud-based intelligent software and for companies with some budget constraints, the Desktop version is available for free. The pro-version is $9.99 per user per month and the premium plan depends on the strength of users using the same.

Unlike tableau, it doesn’t have in-built artificial intelligence or creative dashboards to better help you with the analysis. But this too is a good option if you don’t have much data to arrange or are restricted by the limited budget options.