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Style in Simplicity: Top 7 Minimalist Luxury Watches for You

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Minimalist Luxury Watches

Minimalism Luxury Watches is an art movement that started gaining traction as early as the 1970s. It is often defined as a form of abstract expression that focuses on simple and pared-down designs. But in the past decade, more and more people are adopting this concept as more than just a form of art expression. Today, minimalism applies to home aesthetic choices, fashion styles, and lifestyle decisions.

If you identify as a minimalist, chances are you have looked for ways to cut back on what you may deem to be “excesses” or “visual clutter” in your life. This includes wardrobe options and accessories for most people. And with regards to timepieces, you may think that luxury wristwatches are too bold for your liking. Think again! Listed below are the top seven picks for minimalist luxury watches for minimalist men and women.

1. NOMOS Lambda

When it comes to minimalist timepieces, NOMOS Glashütte deserves a standing ovation. This German luxury watchmaker proudly takes inspiration from the imaginative yet simple functionalism of the Bauhaus art movement. While almost all NOMOS Glashütte collections have a chance of making it into this list, the NOMOS Lambda rises to the top.

The NOMOS Lambda collection embodies the “minimalism meets modernism” aesthetic. It features ultra-thin hands with simple dots and lines to mark the minutes and hours. This hand-wound timepiece also allows you to monitor the time left until the next winding is scheduled. Its brilliant proportions keep the face looking clean and pristine.

2. Junghans Form Damen

Junghans is another German luxury brand that values simplicity and elegance, and its most notable collection is Form Damen. This luxury timepiece caters more to ladies with straps that come in lavender, flesh, grey, or Milanese stainless steel. The numbers inside the dial are either neatly embossed or represented by small boxes that match the bracelet’s color.

Despite its simplicity, Form Damen uses top-of-the-line watchmaking technology. It uses quartz technology for maximum precision and reliability. The glass is made of sapphire crystal enclosed by a silver-plated dial. For better functionality, a small window indicating the date is shown in the right portion of the watch.

3. Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse

Patek Philippe is not the first name that comes to mind when you think of minimalist timepieces. This Swiss brand is more famous for splashy designs and complex dials, after all. But in its 182 years of watchmaking excellence, it has shown that versatility is one of its strongest suits. The Golden Ellipse collection proves this point.

The Rose Gold and Platinum models of the Golden Ellipse collection exude nothing but sophisticated simplicity. The Rose Gold boasts of an ebony black dial, while the Platinum has a blue gold face. These dials are topped off by an 18-karat ellipse gold case. The dials are made more exquisite with line hour markers that share the colors of the cases.

4. NOMOS Tetra

The NOMOS Tetra is another German luxury wristwatch icon that brags on NOMOS Glashütte’s ingenuity. It goes bold with a square-shaped dial and a case enclosing around hands that move along a circle. The hour markers are larger than the NOMOS Lambda’s markers, but the neat typography and pencil-thin hands compensate.

Ladies will love the NOMOS Lambda! Different variations of this collection offer dials in rose pink, sky blue, aquamarine, midnight blue, and more. NOMOS Glashütte has once again perfected the art of proportion, contrasting the neutral colors of the leather bracelets jive with the striking appearance of the dials to create a visually pleasing experience.

5. Union Glashütte Viro

Union Glashütte is another proud Germany-based watchmaker. It specializes in adding an exceptional flair to German tradition and artistry. As a company, it believes that function is best served plain – with no unnecessary “glitters and gloss” to distract you from the elegance of refined craftsmanship. Its Viro collection is the best example.

Viro watches are designed to embody the class and meticulous elegance of Union Glashütte. They feature a pencil-thin seconds hand with hollowed-out hour and minute hands to improve visibility. The hour and minute markers are plain lines, and a slim and sleek date counter is visible at the bottom. You can opt for a metal bracelet or an exotic grained leather strap.

6. Jaquet Droz Astrale

Astrale is a collection of distinct models that pay homage to the founder of Jacquet Droz. This Switzerland-based luxury watchmaker is devoted to uniqueness and creative expression. The Jacquet Droz brand loves the embellished and innovative, but Astrale seeks to combine the phenomenally complex with straightforward elegance.

The most notable model in this collection is the Grande Heure Minute. Tiny dots representing the hour and minute markers line the plain grey dial of this wristwatch, while two beveled hands add texture and dimension to the overall aesthetic. The Grande Heure Onyx comes in at close second. This model sports a black dial with neat hour numbers and an iconic single hand.

7. NOMOS Metro

NOMOS Glashütte cuts a third time with the classic NOMOS Metro collection. This line has won several design prize juries for bringing retro sensibility together with contemporary styles. In a single wrist accessory, you experience the ambitious attitude of the cosmopolitan elite while taking a trip down the suburban memory lane.

An inner layer of dual-colored dots serves as hour markers, and the outer layer features the minute markers. Metro neomatik, a more complex model, has a third layer that keeps track of the date. Calculated measurements and award-winning designs create a cohesive visage that makes the rather complex pattern attractive to the modern-day minimalist.

A canvas of possibility

The definition of minimalism has evolved in the past few years. Today, it focuses more on making artistic and lifestyle decisions based on what you need and what adds value to your life. Paring down does not equate to getting rid of personal creativity and fashion choices. If you want a wristwatch that blends perfectly with your minimalist fashion while preserving elegance and style, consider the seven top options laid out above.