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How does a Crown humidor work?

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Certain parts of a humidor are crucial to make it work efficiently. Understanding the role of each one will be able to give a good picture of how a cigar humidor works.

The Humidifier this is what provides the humidification system. It is considered the most important part as it is the one that adds moisture to the humidor to keep your cigars plump, burn slowly and preserve essential oils that give your cigars the flavor and aroma.

This humidification system can be simple or complex which largely depends on the size of the humidifier. The ideal relative humidity of a humidor should be at 70%. To do this, a source of water is needed by a humidor. Introducing moisture can come through sponges, floral foam, crystal gel, silica beads, humidipaks, and electronic humidifier.

A sponge soaked in distilled water is the simplest humidifier. Green foam blocks or floral foams absorb cigar odors and works well with propylene glycol instead of water. Crystal gels can hold up to 500 times their water weight in water which they release into the atmosphere of your humidor keeping your cigars moist. 

Silica beads are the ones you find in packets when buying shoes. They are the best in absorbing excess moisture and your best choice for Crown Humidors in hot and humid climates. Humidipaks are special humidifiers wrapped in a membrane that allows water to be absorbed or expelled to keep your humidor on the ideal humidity level.  Lastly, electronic humidifiers are small machines that add moisture to a high-quality humidor by keeping it filled with distilled water.  

The Hygrometer.  This is one vital component of the humidor. The humidity level is measured by the hygrometer and informs you if there is a need to add moisture or absorb excess water. You can choose from an analog or a digital type of hygrometer. In case your humidor comes with electronic humidity control, this one is connected to the humidifier. Checking your hygrometer regularly, say once every week or two is very important so you can make sure that all is well with your humidor.

The Thermostat. Having your cigars on top condition would require that you keep them at a steady temperature of about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Cigars can also be kept fresh as cool as 60 or as warm as 72 degrees. Crown Humidors may not have any temperature control.

In this case, a simple thermometer can give you the right condition inside your humidor.   On the other hand, if the humidor has a heater or cooler then the thermostat will directly control the temperature inside.  Remember that the thermostat will keep humidity level steady which means better cigar storage.

The Spanish Cedar. Traditionally,  the humidor interior is Spanish cedar. Some come with the Spanish cedar wood for the shelves or drawers inside while others use cedar lining on the walls. Spanish cedar humidors can protect the contents from decay and repel insects. It also has absorbent qualities to help keep your humidor moist. What’s more, is that it reduces the possibility of tobacco beetle infestations and prevents the growth of mildews and molds. Cedar also imparts a particular flavor to cigars that most cigar lovers love. It certainly has a place in the heart of cigar aficionados because of its fine qualities.