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How to Clean Your Washing machine (Front Load and Top Load)

If you use a washing machine in your house to clean your daily clothes, then I have to say that you should also clean your washing machine to perform efficiently for a longer duration of time. The dirt that is released from the clothes after washing starts to get accumulate inside the washing machine outlet over the period of time. 

Cleaning a washer is not that complicated, but yeah, you have to know the right way so that you can wash your washing machine without damaging it. And if you don’t clean your machine regularly, then I must say that all your clothes will smell a little funky.

And there is no doubt in one thing for sure. The cleaning process for a top-loading washer is a little bit challenging, and it takes time as well, where cleaning a front-loading machine is much easier because it also comes with a pre-determined cleaning mode for the washer itself. So going with a front load washing machine is an ideal choice for any person.

Here are the few steps to clean your washing machine.

Step 1: Running an empty hot cycle with vinegar in it. 

In this first step you need to run the machine empty with hot water and vinegar in it. All you have to do is fill the tub with hot water, pour some vinegar in it, and run it for a few minutes. This step will help you get rid of all the bacteria and prevent the growth of bacteria inside the machine. 

Step 2: Scrub the washing machine both inside and outside

You have to take a bucket and 1/4 Cup vinegar with warm water in this step. Now use this mixture to clean the inside part of the washer and the washing machine’s outer part using a brush or a sponge. Thoroughly scrub the inside part of the washer so that no linen and fabrics are left behind inside the washer. You should keep an eye on the outlet of the washer as well because, through that part, most of the dirt goes out, so that part should be clean as well.

Step 3: Carry out a 2nd Hot Cycle Again. 

Again, in this step, you have to run the washer without any detergent or vinegar in it. If possible, add half a cup of baking soda to the drum, which will help you to clear away the build-up of loosened from the first cycle. Then take a soft cloth to wipe out the interior portion of the machine. 

Step 4: wipe down the doors of the washing machine.

The rubber part around the door of a washer is a real culprit for creating an awful smell in the long run. So, all you have to do is take a little bit of vinegar and spray it around the door and wipe the door of the washer gently.

Tips on how to clean a top load washing machine

As mentioned above, you are going to perform all the steps. Apart from all of that you have to wipe down the lid and the rest of the washing machine. One most important thing that you should keep in mind for a top load washer is that you have to focus on the detergent and fabric softener dispenser. 

Using a toothbrush, you will be able to clean the opening of the dispenser and get them fresh and clean. Then run another cycle with baking soda in it. And at last, keep the lid open for a few hours so that it can dry quickly.

Tips for cleaning your front load washing machine

When it comes to cleaning a front load washer, the rubber around the door is usually the big culprit behind the funky, musty smell of your laundry. Moisture and leftover detergent inside the machine can create a breeding ground for many bacteria inside. So, it would help if you cleaned the washer regularly. 

Even if you want to make your learning process more efficient and easier, you can go with some readymade choices like cleaning tablets and natural cleaners.

Many front-loading washing machines come with some advanced features, and among all of that, there is one feature called tub clean, which is essentially made to clean the washer itself. 


Every device in this world needs proper regular maintenance, which is necessary because that will help you increase the device’s longevity by a considerable amount. 

Similarly, your washer also needs proper regular cleaning maintenance because that will help keep the washer functioning properly. If you want your clothes to be clean whenever you through them in the washer, you need to clean your washer.

Even if you clean the drum of the washer regularly, that will be enough to keep the machine running for you. And one more pro tip for you is cleaning the dispenser whenever you finish your daily wash cycles. That will help your clothes to look good, and all those linens won’t be sticking to your clothes.

I hope that this guide helped you a lot to under the basics on how you can easily clean your top or front loader easily by yourself in your home without the help of any person. And I can assure you that it will help you to keep your device running for very long time.