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Stains inside the car? Ways to Clean a Car Interior

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Ways to Clean a Car Interior

These tricks you will be able to keep the interior of your car clean effectively and taking maximum care of each of its parts.

A soda that spills into the car, a chocolate stain, a child who gets dizzy and ends up vomiting. Every week according to a study carried out by Ipsos and The Boston Consulting Group. Without a doubt, comfort and cleanliness inside the cabin become essential so that all those hours are not unpleasant.

Do you know how to clean a car inside? We advise you to do it outside, to take advantage of the brightness of daylight. Look for a weekend with good weather, yes, better in the shade if the heat is excessive. Reserve a few hours and, with patience and insistence. You will be able to remove those difficult stains and leave the interior as new.

Car Interior Cleaning Steps:

From the RACE we always insist on the importance of not travelling with loose objects inside the cabin. Because, in the event of emergency braking or collision, they become real projectiles. Even so, if there are objects inside. You will save time if you collect them and leave the cabin completely free, with no obstacles to move aside. And, thus, take the opportunity to permanently remove them from those places where they can become a threat.

On the other hand, it is important to be quick to clean upholstery stains when they occur. Because, if they are allowed to dry, it will be more difficult to remove them completely. A little water in many cases will suffice. If it is vomit or a more extensive or deep stain. We recommend you stop at a gas station and try to clean it. But a little deeper, even if it is with little time.

Once this is done, the cleaning process begins for a final result as perfect as possible:

  1. Vacuum the interior of the car, preferably with an industrial vacuum cleaner that you can find at a gas station, since they are more powerful, or with a domestic one if you have an electrical charging point where you can connect it. We vacuum the entire cabin, including the seats.
  2. Large, thick brush for cleaning mats, carpeted areas and leaving pedals looking like new. If the rugs are made of cloth, put them to dry in the shade to avoid stains.
  3. For small gaps, it is best to use a brush or a soft bristle brush. It will come in handy for cleaning areas such as door handles, window buttons, vents and other types of buttons or push buttons.
  4. We clean with a microfiber towel wet with water and a little neutral soap. If there are no complicated stains, rubbing with the cloth will be enough, both for the upholstery and for the area of ​​the dashboard, inside the doors.
  5. Difficult stains: in this case you will have to resort to specific products. And if you are more detailed you can use a special stain remover machine to clean the car upholstery. They are expensive machines, but they have diverse uses both for the car and for the house.
  6. If the upholstery is made of leather, you will also have to use a special product and vacuum well the dust or possible sand to avoid scratching it.
  7. To clean the dashboard you can use water and neutral soap or use a specific product. That repels dust more effectively.
  8. Don’t forget the crystals. With a car-specific glass cleaner and a special microfiber glass towel, the glass will be fingerprint-free. You have the possibility of using a special product to seal the glass, highly recommended in the case of the front windshield and the rear window as it helps repel water and improves visibility in the event of rain.
  9. Eliminate odors: it is advisable to finish off the interior cleaning of the car with a product to eliminate odors and achieve a fresh and clean-smelling interior.

There are many and varied cleaning products for the car depending on the area we want to treat. In addition to products for upholstery, there are products for the dashboard and other plastics. Our recommendation is to choose a quality one that repels dust and does not grease. Depending on your tastes, you can also choose these products in a gloss or matte finish.


Cleaning the interior of the car is one of the most laborious tasks. If we really want it to look like new, but with a little time once or twice a year. We will be able to keep our vehicle in good condition and make trips more comfortable, pleasant and insurance.