Choose the Best Sticky Mats Manufacturer to Make Your Place Hygienic

With the upcoming of various problems in the world be it an environmental issues or diseases the technology has always placed a vital role by coming up with the most advanced solutions in less time. The use of sticky mats plays an important role to keep the dirt and infections away at your home and your workplace. The sticky mats tend to stick the shoe’s dust or dirt on its surface which captures all the debris at once. There are a lot of sticky mats manufacturers in Delhi who provide the best quality sticky mats which have strong adhesive technology in the size of a doormat.

How to use sticky mats?

Sticky mats are easy to use and do not require any rocket science. One needs to choose the area where these mats have to be placed which is usually the doormat area. it is required to clean the mat area with alcohol (IPA) which is made in a solution of deionized water which is 70% and 30% of water. Before installing the sticky mat it is necessary to clean the area properly each time and making it dry. The mat is placed on the floor in the vertical manner just like you apply a mobile tempered glass leaving no air bubbles in between.

Some important instructions for using the sticky mat:

  • Removing the top sheet

The sticky mat comes in 30 sheets as you can remove the sheet from the above when it becomes dirty. You can simply remove the top sheet without causing that dust and dirt into the air by pulling it slowly and rolling it. The roll will not scatter the dust into the air. Remove slowly take care while pulling the used sheet by not pulling the below ones.

  • Choose the right place for mats

You can place sticky mats anywhere depending on your area of working. You can out outside your gate, inside the gate, inside the cleanroom, etc.

  • Choose the appropriate colour

These come in a variety of colours in dark and light shade. Dust and dirt can be easily shown on the light mat colours and are more preferable.

  • Know how to walk on these mats

Pressurize your feet on the mat while walking on it as these will absorb and print all the dust and dirt leaving no trace behind by cleaning the shoe sole.

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