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Space Buckets- Growing Weed Made Easy

You may not have vast open gardens to cultivate weed seeds on. You also may not have enough room and money to grow weed. Don’t you worry! A space bucket can save the day. You actually can make one yourself using cheap scrap materials, and the yield will still be marvelous.

Best grow mediums

There are two main grow mediums used in space buckets:

  • Soil-based setup
  • Hydroponics

Soil-based setup

This grow medium is suitable for beginners because it is very easy to set up. It usually utilizes organic soil that is laden with good bacteria, fungi, and other beneficial insects.


With hydroponics, the grower is very involved in the growing environment of the plant. One downside of hydroponics is the high cost of assembling and maintenance.

Why grow weed in a bucket?

For beginners, it provides the much-needed practice and experience before delving into bigger grows. Veteran growers will use buckets to maximize on the use of space. Other reasons are:

  • Low cost of investment
  • Minimal space
  • Stealth grow
  • Learning experience

Low cost of investment

The cost of operations is much lower while growing weed in a bucket than other methods. A bucket will go for around $50 and $100, which is much cheaper than setting a tent that costs over $250.

Minimal space

Lack of sufficient land in the open or indoor space should not be a hindrance to growing pot. You need than a square meter with space buckets, and you are good to go!

Stealth grow

With a space bucket, you can grow weed discreetly. Cannabis lovers will love this method, especially in places where it is prohibited or not encouraged.

Learning experience

By monitoring one or a few crops, the grower gains a better understanding of the plant. One is also able to use different techniques to attain optimal cannabis drugs.

Factors to consider when growing marijuana in a space bucket:

  • Strain
  • Water supply
  • Ventilation
  • PH levels


Sativa strain grows very tall, gaining a 200%-300% increase in height upon reaching maturity. Indica strains tend to grow stockier, attaining just 50-100% during the flowering stage. Indica is more suitable for space buckets.

Water supply

In space bucket cultivation, the roots cannot go deep to reach water, and therefore you need to frequently water the plant. Just weigh the bucket; if it feels light, water the plant.


 A grower should make sure there is enough airflow inside the bucket for a healthy plant. Ventilation also gets rid of the heat generated by the lighting systems, preventing the plant from drying.

PH levels

The soil should have PH levels of between 6.0 to 7.0 and 5.5 to 6.5 for soil setups like hydroponics. High acidity prevents the absorption of magnesium and calcium due to a lack of solubility. High alkalinity hinders the absorption of copper, zinc, iron, and boron ions.


Space buckets are cheap yet effective in growing cannabis. Plant your cannabis seeds in a bucket and monitor them closely. You will gain enough experience to help manage a sizeable setup in the future.