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Shaktiman Rotavator Price in India with Specification

Shaktiman Rotavator are dominant pieces of gardening machinery. It is often used in allotments and fields, to break up, churn and aerate the soil before planting seeds and bulbs or laying turf. Rotavators use a set of blades which twist and break through the soil. This levels the area and makes the ground perfect for growing vegetables and crops.

You probably know about the rotavator, and if not, you are at the right place. Here you can find all the information regarding rotavator. So now take a deeper look inside, 

What is Shaktiman Rotavator?

Rotavator is a tractor-drawn implement which is mainly used for seedbed preparation within one or two passes. The rotating blades of the rotavator impact soil surface and throw soil upward because of its rotational speed and pulverize soil by breaking clods.

It is suitable for removing & mixing residual of maize, wheat, sugarcane etc. It helps to improve soil health and save fuel, cost, time & energy as well. The tractor-mounted rotavator holds promise for overcoming these problems. 

Key characteristics of Shaktiman Rotavator with its price :

  • It is best suitable for pudding 
  • It requires less maintenance
  • They have high-quality blades
  • The 5ft. suitable for a 30HP tractor 
  • They are available at a very economical price 

The Shaktiman Rotavator Price starts at INR 1,03,000 in India. 

 Specifications of Shaktiman Rotavator :

  • It comes with HP ranges between 25 HP – 60 HP for different tractor models. 
  • Tractor KW ranges between 19 KW – 48 KW as per the model of the tractor. 
  • Overall length varies between 1439 mm – 2258 mm for different models. 
  • Overall width of 838 mm
  • Overall height of 1095 mm
  • Maximum working depth of 190mm / 7.5 inches
  • Roter Tube Diameter of 73mm / 2.9 inches 

Hope you get the enough information. For more information about the Shaktiman Rotavator Price and other products, always stay tuned with us.