Social Media Analysis: Using the Right Tools to Understand Your Client Base

With the onset of digital marketing patterns, social media analysis has taken a critical role in tracking the broad audience engagements towards the various services and products. Nowadays, over 500 tools are available in the market to weigh the performance of a campaign on diverse social media platforms. In 2020, the number of social media analysis tools is projected to surpass $5 billion. This article seeks to highlight the best tools that will assist you effectively handle your social media channels.


It is location-dependent social media analytics, and monitoring tool that assists you in making more brilliant strategic decisions—utilizing its patented significant data search engine known as Spatial Swift analyzes historical and current social media content in actual-time employing the materials published on the various social media channels. You can filter geographically results down to the cities and analyze influential sites, content, and users to understand the responses from clients to broaden your reach to the intended audience. With Lucidya, firms can visualize multiple historical and live-streaming posts on maps all in real-time.

It is very beneficial when it comes to knowing the needs of your target market. You can also gauge the effectiveness of your published content throughout various sites. Through Lucidya, you can evaluate the different rates of conversion associated with your marketing measures and maximize them to recognize your high demand sectors. Since the demand for a given commodity differs from one region to another, location-dependent monitoring tools are useful and facilitate fast and smarter choices.


It is social media analysis management as well as a monitoring tool for businesses of small and medium sizes. Mention provides various monitoring, publishing, integration abilities, and social analytics. Through this tool, you can utilize content translation, publishing curation services, and multi-channel publishing. Social media listening, plus monitoring abilities, include client engagement alerts, mention volume, engagement rates, and amplification rate. In the same breath, it provides the social analytics services of social ROI reports, exportable raw data, and exportable reports.

Other software features include product support, collaboration platform, and task management. Mention could very well compete with Google Alerts as the latter sends you emails alerting you when a phrase or keyword you specified was used online. Mention monitors millions of sources in 42 different languages.


It is a tool that can assist you to know a whole lot more regarding your target audience as well as handle your communities on Instagram and Twitter. It allows you to find clients and utilize the various features of Audiense, such as social community management, social analytics reports, and audience segmentation. The social intel offered through Audiense makes it possible to cite the personality characteristics of your audience, and utilize this newfound understanding to look for accounts that have the same personality features to target. Among the elements, you will get here is the tool’s capability to change the list of audiences you developed within the platform into Twitter Ads and then utilize marketing approaches to get to this filtered audience.


It is a multipurpose social media analytics platform that attempts to spare clients from the trouble of manually changing from one tool to another. Keyhole notes that the keywords that users offer throughout numerous platforms and later follow the hashtags the clients use to track Instagram and Twitter. The tool lets users monitor the account of sector influencers on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Conducting a social media analysis will help you establish a more efficient social media action plan and a similar strategy. Using the platform offered by NetBaseQuid, you can take your brand to the next level by incorporating the right tools.

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