Simple Tips For Traveling With Dogs

These days, more people are traveling than ever with their dogs. There are many additional considerations to take when traveling with pets. Eating outside can become a problem, especially in hot weather. Here are a few things I’ve found to help when traveling with our little rat terrier.

Identification Marks: Before leaving home, make sure your dog has identification. Dogs can be lost, so be sure to have the current identification and contact numbers of your furry friends.

Straps: Straps are a must! I recommend that you always bring a spare.

Water bowls: Do not leave home without a water bowl. There are specially made water bowls that will not spill into the car, but a normal bowl also works. Every time you stop to fill a tank or take a break, offer your dog some fresh water.

Take a break: It is important to let your dog out and stretch. If you feel like getting out and walking, your dog will probably need to get out and stretch and go to the bathroom as well.

Toys: Squeaky toys must be at home because they can be a distraction to drive. Bring your favorite chew toy so they don’t get bored.

Eating: While traveling with a dog, going out to eat can be difficult. In hot weather, a dog could easily overheat in a parked car buy Dog car seats. What I like to do is continue to drive and eat in the car or eat in a nearby park buy. Your dog should follow a diet that he is used to.

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Hotel and dogs: Before booking your hotel reservations, please confirm that the hotel is pet friendly. Do not rely on the online advertising you may have seen for the hotel because they are sometimes wrong. Do not try to sneak a dog into a hotel that does not allow pets, it is not worth it. At the hotel you can tell the reception that you do NOT want a cleaning service if you do not want the girl to arrive at your room. Personally, I want to take my dog ​​out of the room and go for a walk while the girl does her cleaning. After cleaning the room, if I need to go somewhere without my dog, I will place the “do not disturb” sign and leave the TV and then leave my dog ​​in the room.

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