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Facts That’ll Make You Love Cairn Terrier Dog Breeds More

Cairn Terrier Dog Breeds

It’s been 82 years since the ever-famous re-imagining of The Wizard of Oz came out on the big screen. Although Judy Garland’s exceptional acting ability made the movie shine through (read more), we can all agree that it was Terry, the Cairn Terrier dog who played Toto, that stole everybody’s heart. Toto didn’t get as much screen time as we would have wanted, but his little role in the movie had left us wanting more of this jolly, cheerful little dog.

That movie might have been the introduction to your interest in the bully breeders. Still, many owners love Cairn Terriers not only because they were a well-known breed thanks to Terry, but because these Terriers are a great breed of dogs all on their own. If you want to know more facts and information about Cairn Terriers, get yourself ready to love them all the more right after reading!

1. They’re A Ferocious Breed From Scotland!

When we say ferocious, we mean as intimidating as this small dog can be. However, there’s a saying that goes It’s not the big size of the dog but the big the fight found inside the dog that decides a fight. This holds true to Cairn Terriers. As small as they may be, they’re known to fight off foxes and other rodents bigger than them from their owners and property. Yes, this little guy fights off rabid animals all on their own!

Thus, this breed is well-known for its courage and tenacity towards danger. A Cairn Terrier dog breed was one of the preferred companions of farmers and livestock owners, as these dogs have sharp, quick barks to signal any rodents or vermin lurking around. It was during 1913 when Mrs. Henry Price brought back the breed to the US and registered it to the American Kennel Club.

2. They Have Longer Life Spans

Despite their small frame, Cairn Terriers live five years longer than the average lifespan of other breeds. Usually, a decade is the longest a dog can live without any health issues. Compared to that, it was found that this breed lives up to 15 to 20 years! Of course, nutrition, exercise, and giving them a stress-free, loving home play a large part in their long lives. 

3. Cairn Terriers Love Your Children 

Beyond being your best friend, Cairns considers your children to be their favorite persons. They love to be around their little bodies and play with them. Not as gentle as other breeds can be, Cairn Terrier makes up with their fierce protectiveness and guarding instinct. If you’re not around to watch over your kids, you can trust your Cairn terrier to be their temporary nanny. 

In addition, kids don’t mind them a bit. With this breed’s small body and friendly disposition, it’s hard not to like them. Kids aren’t intimidated or scared with them and see them as potential, long-time playmates.

4. They’re Not Anti-Cats

Small dogs are well-known to hate all types and breeds of cats – all small dogs, except the Cairn terrier. They don’t mind being around felines and prefer the company to be alone. In turn, even the most hostile cats warm up to Cairn terriers as if they sense they have nothing to be afraid of. 

5. They’re Active And Playful

This breed is considered to be one of the most active despite its small body. Condensed inside their bodies is abounding energy and an inherent instinct to dig. Cairns were known to dig below rocks years and years before (link: and still carry that drilled skill up until the present day. With that said, make sure to secure your vegetable and flower gardens because this breed doesn’t mind the place as long as there’s soil to tamper with.

This breed is known to bark a lot, but it’s not aggressive nor hostile to anyone it’s familiar with. As long as they deem the person unlikely to cause danger, they’re docile and smart creatures. Exercise is great for them, especially going for walks and socializing with other breeds in the doggy park. Other than that, there’s nothing remarkable to maintain with this breed. 

Important Questions For Adopting Cairn Terriers

1. Are They Hypoallergenic?

Keeping yourself and your family safe is always a top priority, which is why you’d want to make sure the pets you adopt are hypoallergenic. Lucky for you, Cairn terriers are what you exactly need if you or a family member is prone to dander allergy. Although they shed, it’s always to a minimum, which helps you maintain domestic cleanliness and avoid any health concerns that might develop. 

However, their dander still heavily relies on how you groom them. Every month, their coats should be properly brushed and trimmed, and baths are scheduled every few months or when necessary. A trip to the vet to ensure there aren’t fleas and other parasites living in their bodies should be made as well.

2. Do They Bark A Lot?

Cairn terriers are one of the loudest dogs but can still be trained not to be too noisy. However, newborns are advised to separate from wherever the dog usually roams, as they can disturb the infant’s peaceful sleep. Cairns bark when they’re hungry, need attention, or sense danger. 

3. What Are Their Possible Health Problems?

This breed can suffer from usual dog conditions, such as joint pain, hip dysplasia, or retinal atrophy, where they steadily lose their eyesight due to old age. However, they can develop other conditions as well, and more serious, like Diabetes Mellitus, soft tissue sarcoma, and Hypothyroidism.