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Expert’s Guide to Write Perfect Research Paper

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In every academic writing, the research paper writing can give rise to anxiety and stress from conceptualizing the topic area to breaking down into different domains that address the requirement. It could be daunting more some students; however, the significance lies in its possibility being. There is just a need for perfect guidance that makes the path easy and increases the likelihood of the research paper being accepted. The following discussion will help the student like you to understand the requirement of the research paper and the way to write it perfectly.

For starting the step by step guide to write the research paper, it is crucial for you to understand what is research paper. Mr. William is a research paper expert at a reputed firm and he is here to guide you for writing research paper perfectly. He also loves doing gardening and exploring new researches around the world. He has written tons of research paper and present this blog for your benefit and guidance. He says that research paper is the report on a particular topic and domain that require in-depth analysis, arguments, the gap in the research, collection of evidence, interpretation, discussion on the evidence, and concluding the finding. Therefore, student can take online paper help to make their research paper outstanding and good quality. 

The research process- an initial step 

For writing research paper, you should focus on the organization of the research paper. Students need to acknowledge that research paper follows a standardized format which can vary among the universities and professor as well. It suggests that you need to collect the information on the topic concerned by referring to research journals and materials. The best available sources for you are google scholar, electronic database, student’s online library, books, study material of universities, governmental publications, and reports. Please keep in mind, do not consult the online encyclopedia or Wikipedia as it does not contain reliable information. Once there is a handful of information on the research topic, the next step should be the organization and structure of the research paper. Skipping the step can make you lose your focus and extra time is levied in the revision process rather than concentrating on the area of interest.

An easy tip for the studentsRead and evaluate the collected evidence and keep the track of it while writing to add it as a reference and build a bibliography. 

Development of the thesis statement 

Writing the research paper begins with the development of the thesis statement that describes the main topic of the area of research. You should try to write in one or two sentences that summarize the crucial area of discussion. Thesis statement a significant part of the research as it guides the readers about the main idea and supporting point. Student should spend time on framing the statement as a failure in doing so can make your research paper unclear. I know, most of the students are confused regarding when to state the thesis statement. It is advisable to write your thesis statement at the beginning of the research paper so that arguments made in the research support the stated statement. 

Overview of the elements of the research paper

You should always make a perfect outline of the research paper listing the topics, evidence, and arguments that need to include. Try to divide into different sections with a perfect heading that portrays the contents. The student must focus on the logical ordering of the sentences and paragraphs. For example, you cannot write the data analysis part before the data collection section. 

Most of the students face dilemmas in the inclusion sections of the research paper, whether to include data analysis method, is graph crucial, should tabular format vital or not, data collection methodology, result section, and others. So, here is the standard format that is needed to be followed while writing a research paper. The paper will begin with an introduction, background information, literature review, research gap, research methodology, data collection method, data analysis method, finding, discussion, conclusion, the implication for research, and limitation of the research. For writing a research paper, you sound have knowledge of the domain and the ability to read various other research articles and journals to collect required evidence.

Guide to the introduction section

This is the part where; the student needs to present the overview of the structure of the research and background information. It is important to write the purpose of the paper and explain the central approach like a factual report, analysis, or persuasive paper. To make the introduction part more precise, cross-check the included content with the following question. What is it? why I’m reading it?  and what is included in the paper? Followed to it, always remember to bind it with the thesis and concluding statement. 

Guide with the body of the report 

Here is the part, where you should outline will be reflected and explain. Remember not to be strict with the prior outline, try to be flexible with the lucid gathered information. it is important to focus on the thesis statement and write in a way that proves the stated points. In other words, the body should not be out of track and must find supporting arguments for its explanation. The body of the research paper should be divided into strong paragraphs into different sections like background information and literature review.

Tip for student: Use the mnemonic: PEEL for writing the paragraphs in the research paper

  1. P= Point 
  2. E= Evidence 
  3. E=Explain 
  4. L= Link

Guide to the conclusion section

Many of you are wonder what to include in Conclusion section? Let me clear this out. You should know that it helps to wrap the whole discussion made in the research and its outcome. However, do not copy from the thesis statement. Then, you briefly summarize the approach, it’s finding, and implications. 

Abstract and reference: Pillars of the research paper

The perfect research paper always contains a brief explain abstract and relevant references that make the investigation authentic. The abstract should be written in such a way that helps the reader to gain insight into the research and develop an interest in exploring it. Always remember, no new information is added in abstract, and recommendation is not highlighted. Reference given in the research paper should follow an appropriate format like APA, Harvard, and others. 

Revision of the research paper 

Here are the few questions that can guide you to cross-check the research paper and meeting of the requirement. 

  • Is the thesis statement well stated?
  • Is the paper organized in standard form? 
  • Do your notions are stated in a logical manner?
  • Do your argument are supported by evidence?
  • Does the information is duplicated?
  • Have you cited the source accurately?
  • Is the language used is clear? 
  • Checked for avoidable error? Like format, spelling, and grammar


Systematic research, considerate organization and demonstration, and attention to aspect in your evolving and concluding line edit and the amendment will assist you to prosper in constructing an endearing research paper. After developing the research paper, a comprehensive evaluation is important to check its weakness and strengths.