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5 Simple Rules of Strategic Marketing in 2022

Rules of Strategic Marketing in 2022

The world of strategic marketing is extraordinarily complex. But contrary to the opinion of many experts, it is far from unpredictable. There are patterns in consumer behavior and in the design of sales processes that we must take into account. Thus, it is possible to create rules so that our strategic marketing allows brands to compete safely and from the business strategy.

1.- Is present

Continuously, it arrives and is present in the mind and imagination of every consumer within the category of your product or service, either physically or through communication. Analyze from a cost / efficiency point of view how many potential buyers you can impact and avoid strategic marketing that does not disregard those who will never buy from you or will do so sporadically.

We must understand who buys, when and how the brand fits into their lives. Enough talking about the standard buyer, there is a wide variety of consumers and our strategic marketing must be able and dare to differentiate and discriminate against them and create an appropriate customer experience .

2.- Be easy to buy

Both physical and mental availability influence the market share of your brand. Because they make it easier for more people to buy, in more situations and through more space and time. To achieve this, the strategic marketing team must understand how consumers buy and how the brand relates to them and fits into their lives.

Rules of Strategic Marketing in 2022

As important as the above is to look for and be attentive to emerging reasons not to buy our products or services, such as high prices, inconvenient batch sizes,…

3.- Be relevant to your consumers

Being present with advertising and a good distribution is not being relevant. It is proven that consumers do not pay much attention to advertising and, in fact, increasingly hate and shy away from it.

We encourage you to explore techniques that take emotion into account. That take advantage of the two types of memory we have, explicit and implicit. And that, at the end of the day, we are capable of impacting our consumers through strategic marketing that be perceived as creative, non-invasive, respectful and capable of capturing attention many times without stealing time from life.

4.- Build and refresh memory structures

Strategic marketing teams must know what rules govern the minds of their consumers and how they are structured. In this way, we can work for them and not against them.

The new brands, although it is obvious to remember, must build these mental structures by explaining to their customers what the brand really does, where they are sold and where and when they are consumed. Simple, but essential. Forgetting to explain this to customers is a strategic marketing sin. As is underestimating how difficult and time consuming this task will be.

For established brands, strategic marketing departments must continually refresh the brand to their consumers. Even Coke.

5.- Create and use brand assets

Successful businesses have worked, above all, by introducing a brand into a category. This is so, basically for three reasons:

Brands create a sense of belonging to consumers, something like nationalism. Without a brand, customer loyalty directed toward price, shelf position, or something special that we don’t control.

Brands and their communication allow consumers to use their mental structures and permeable to refresh by communication. Those customers who are more familiar with the brand are more receptive to our communication.

Being a recognizable brand makes life easier for consumers during their consumption activity. It proven that during the purchase, consumers are not open to new brands, but are looking for recognizable brands.

Success needs a strategic approach

In short, the changes are here to stay, but the advantages of the digital economy for both people and companies are undeniable. However, for companies to carry out a successful business strategy. It is necessary to consider and design a business restructuring before carrying out the implementation of new technologies. That is, just using them will not imply a transformation. If you want to start this transition and have doubts about it, contact us and tell us. We can advise you.