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There are total 37 cheats which we called Red Dead Redemption 2 cheats. These all cheats are available for PS4, Xbox One, and all PC versions. In actual, the red dead redemption is the phrases you will found while playing the game. But plus, point is you don’t have to enter any code or even don’t need to press any button.

All the 37 cheats are used to activate different powers like Infinite Ammo, or also help in situations like in any health problem, having low stamina, or want spawn horses.

How to enter cheat codes called Red dead redemption 2:

There are different ways to add codes in PS4, Xbox One, andPc. So, to enter the cheat code pause the game, go to the settings, and press y (on Xbox One), triangle on (play station 4). You will get the cheat menu and enter any cheat code you want. 

After entering the code, you will get the confirmation code, which will tell you that the cheat has been unlocked. In a case, if you are closing the game and save it before exit the cheat code will be saved.

In the cheat menu, you can see options showing cheat off or on option so you can change it as you want.

What are the requirements of cheat codes?

When you use cheat codes, you will get to know that sometimes a few of the cheat codes not respond or not work when you enter it.

 The reason is there are some requirements you have to fill before entering the cheat code—a most common condition related to approx.

Every code is buying a newspaper; the newspaper gets unlocked after you passed a few chapters. And the cheat codes are hidden in them. You have to fulfil the requirement as after entering the code you won’t be able to do it.

List of the cheat codes of Red dead redemption:

Entering any of the cheat code will help you out in difficult situations, help you achieve trophies, and will save your progress. Below is given the list of a few cheat codes:

1: Infinite Ammo:

  • Its cheat code is “Abundance is the dullest desire”.
  • The requirements for this code are newspaper which will be Hanover gazette No. 27, and you have to buy it during chapter 1 in valentine.

2: simple weapons:

  • Cheat code for this is “A simple life, a beautiful death”.
  • And this code has no requirements you can unlock it at any time.

3: heavy weapons:

  • Its cheat code is “Greed is American virtue”.
  • In this code the requirement is a newspaper, you have to buy after completing the mission of 3rd chapter, and this mission was advertisements of new American art.

4: stealth weapon:

  • The cheat code is “death is silent”.
  • And have no requirements.

5: Gunslinger weapons:

  • “Fools write history” is the cheat code.
  • No requirements.

6: Fog of war:

  • Cheat code is “you long for sight but see nothing”.
  • This code requires newspaper which was bought after completing the 3rdchapter mission called blood feuds, ancient and modern.

7: add $ 500.

  • The cheat code is “Greed is now virtue”.
  • No requirements.

8: Own all outfits:

  • Code is “vanity all is vanity”.
  • No requirements.

9: learn all the recipes:

  • The cheat code is “Eat of knowledge”.
  • This code also not has any requirement.

10: purchase all the camp upgrades:

  • Cheat code is “share”.
  • No requirements.

11: high honour:

  • Its cheat code is “Virtue unearned is not a virtue”.
  • Require a newspaper you bought after completing the 4th chapter called urban pleasure.

12: Decrease honour:

  • “You revel in your disgrace, I see” is its cheat code.
  • No requirements.

13: reset honour:

  • Cheat code is “Balance. All is balance”.
  • No requirements.

14: infinite dead eye:

  • The cheat code is “Be greedy only for foresight”.
  • No requirements.

15: infinite stamina:

  • “The lucky are strong evermore” is its cheat code.
  • Newspaper is required which you bought after completing the 5th chapter.

Cheat codes are used while playing online games and help us throughout the game, like refilling stamina or health. You can use these cheat code on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

 Most of the people face problem in entering the cheat code or get confused. But it’s effortless and straightforward to enter the game code according to your PlayStation enter the code and then you will receive the confirmation message.

Apart from that these cheat code also saves your game in a case if you close it. Few of the cheat codes stop responding; the reason is their requirements, and one of the legal needs is newspaper which you will buy in different missions.