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time tracking apps in office

Most businesses have already stopped using traditional clocks to track employee work hours. Instead, web-based employee time clocks are increasingly in use nowadays since they offer better efficiency. In addition, they enable companies to access comprehensive attendance sheets online with incredible ease.

A cloud-based time clock app for multiple employees is helpful in a variety of ways. Essentially, it is a work-time app that enables employees to punch in and out of office hours and projects from company authorized locations. In addition, the app collects work time and attendance data, seamlessly integrating them into the payroll system.

Here are some undeniable reasons for large and small businesses to use the web-based employee timesheet system.

Accuracy in time tracking

Technological advancement reduces, and in many cases, eliminates human errors. The same is the case with time clocks. They prevent mistakes that people may make when punching employees in or out of the office. For instance, the attendance register may be misplaced, or the ink may be runny. This can cause considerable inconvenience while keeping track of employee work hours. 

A time clock system can save businesses from all this trouble. It is user-friendly, enabling employees to punch into work via any internet-connected device. Also, it collects employee data unfailingly and generates timely attendance reports. 

Eliminates time thefts

Did you know some apps help authorities prevent attendance malpractice in schools? Unfortunately, several school managements have been forced to take this step because some students give proxy attendance for their friends. 

Sometimes, this can happen in offices, too, where employees will punch in for a friend. Some employees facilitate time thefts as well. For instance, they may take unnecessarily long breaks, arrive late, and leave early. 

In the present world, where time is money, this can cost a company significant losses. A time clock can keep all this in control, ensuring there is no time theft.

Easy payroll processing

Time clocks can help companies process payroll much faster as they eliminate the need for paper attendance sheets and time cards. This also saves paper and pen supply costs. 

Each employee’s time data is collected automatically and integrated into the payroll system. If necessary, the payroll administrator can quickly scan the information for any attendance and time-lapses. 

This type of time clock system helps companies keep track of their employees’ overtime, leaves, and other attendance-related information.

The data helps make business decisions

When companies use a time clock app, the data they have access to can help them make complex business decisions. The real-time data consists of actual numbers and metrics of overtime alerts, approvals for time offs, and other critical information. 

This invaluable collection of data can help company management decide on the type of tasks each employee is suited for, while also noting which employee or department has been most punctual. 

Also, a time clock app for multiple employees can help companies effectively distribute accumulated leaves to each employee, depending on their individual timesheet.

Boosts employee productivity and accountability

With web-based time tracking, employees no longer have to stand in line, waiting for their turn to punch into work. They also do not have to run around and find someone who can correct a punching error. This reduces the chances of time-wasting, thereby increasing productivity. 

Even the management does not have to go over individual paper timesheets since it is all computerized and cloud-based. Managers can even set it up, so they are alerted when an employee is found to take longer breaks or is often late to work. 

Another key feature of a time clock is that it makes employees more accountable. No employee can blame the management for an incorrect input of time data. Instead, they become personally responsible for managing, using, and recording their time throughout the day. They alone are answerable for their break times, punctuality, leaves, and other vital information.