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Home » Pay-Per-Click Affiliate Marketing: Why PPC Affiliates Need Better Keyword Tools

Pay-Per-Click Affiliate Marketing: Why PPC Affiliates Need Better Keyword Tools

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The search terms that are used by pay-per-click (PPC) affiliate marketers are very competitive. They tend to target keywords with traffic and some buying intent because the goal is to convert enough visitors into leads or buyers with their landing pages.

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Affiliate marketers earn money when website visitors take actions like clicks, impressions, and leads. So, before targeting the right keywords, it is essential for affiliate marketing to choose an engaging niche and an audience with many chances to perform these actions. Lastly, affiliate marketers work at large scales and are very effective with their ads because all their revenue depends on the conversion rates of their ads.

Other Types Of Affiliates

Pay per impression affiliate: Advertisers earn revenue based on the impressions of the visitors they send on a specific website. Usually, they get paid from niche websites with a narrow audience.

Pay per lead affiliate: Advertisers earn revenue when the visitors that they send on a specific website fill in a form that requests their contact details. The lead can be an email address, a phone number, or anything else that allows communication between the website and the visitor.

Pay per action affiliate: Advertisers revenue based on the actions of their traffic on a specific website. In many cases, these actions are purchases, and the advertiser earns a commission per sale.  

Comparing Organic and Paid Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers can use both organic and paid traffic strategies. However, there are many differences between these methods that could count as different business models.

Affiliate marketers that get organic traffic tend to create content for blogs, YouTube channels, and social media. The quality of their content and some ranking factors will determine the amount of traffic and their results. The most common way to get organic traffic is through search engines and SEO strategies. However, getting organic traffic can take from a few months to a few years.

So, it’s more practical and effective to use PPC for their marketing efforts. They need to bid for profitable keywords and scale their campaigns to make a living as affiliate marketers. Keyword research is critical but goes together with the following steps.

Choose A Niche

The first step is to get into a niche that has an active and engaging audience. In these niches, they will find both competitive and high-intent keywords. You will then build a website or a landing page that you will send those who click on your ads. So, the first step is to choose a niche.

Look at your hobbies and interests: The chances are that you already know things that can be extremely profitable for affiliate marketing. You can think about all your passions and interests that you have in life. Then, you can check what your friends love to do or search for interesting hobbies online. If people that love these hobbies are passionate enough to spend a lot of money, they can work for affiliate marketing.

Consider A Few Products: If there is a product you have bought recently or accessories of these products, it can work for you. Affiliate marketers promote offers and products that can get the attention of their target audience. For example, a friend of yours that have bought a new smartphone or a new laptop. You can check how these products work and if you can find relevant keywords.

Browse Google Trends: This is a tool by Google that allows you to find trending topics and products. When something is trending and gets more traffic on the search engines, many new keywords are created.  

Do Keyword Research

Pay per click affiliate marketers invest money at paid advertising and receive revenue based on the people’s actions that see their ads. If they want to earn enough money to go full-time from their business, they need to target a high amount of keywords and set a budget big enough to send a lot of traffic to their sites.

They need to practice their keyword research skills and add new keywords to their lists daily. They target keywords with high buying intent or keywords with high traffic to reach the results they want.

Use Google Keyword Planner

It is the free keyword tool of Google for people that create advertising campaigns on Google Ads. When you type a specific keyword, it gives you hundreds or thousands of suggestions in the same niche that you can use for your campaigns. You can also get relevant metrics like traffic, competition, and CPC to evaluate these keywords.

PPC affiliate marketers must be creative with their keyword research. You can add industry-focused keywords, add a location, or a sub-niche for different and more specific results. When you make simple changes in the keywords that you use, you will get different results. It is a great way to add more keywords to lists and increase the traffic from your campaigns.

Create The Ads

Your needs a good ad copy to increase your click-through rate. You can create different ads for each keyword group and test different combinations. Usually, you can get more clicks and a better quality score when you use the keywords in the ad copy.

Build A Affiliate Website or A Landing Page

PPC affiliates can directly send traffic to the product page, but they tend to use websites or landing pages. A landing page has some content and an email form to get the contact details of their visitors. Then, they can promote their offers through email. An affiliate website tends to have more pages and more content than a landing page. 

In both cases, the purpose is to warm up the visitors before sending the offer. It is important to include some relevant keywords on the landing page because they will help with conversions and the Quality Score.


Keyword research is critical for PPC affiliate marketers that must use the right keyword tools. Google Keyword Planner is a great option. If they use alternative tools, they should be able to find more or the same amount of suggestions and metrics that will help them evaluate the keywords.