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Paranormal Technology: Gadgets Required to Become a Real-life Ghost Hunter

Hollywood Effect is responsible for introducing this obsession with spirits and demons. The Exorcist and the Ghostbusters have influenced people to find evidence for the existence of the paranormal. In the 20th century, curious minds relied on psychics to speak with the dearly departed. Now, paranormal investigators utilize ghost-finding equipment to search for the hidden demons in the closet. Here is a list of gadgets you must collect before initiating your career as a professional ghost hunter.

Must-have Gadgets for Ghost-hunting

Ghosts tend to manifest themselves in dark and lonely places. They communicate with different methods that might seem unconventional to an average British gentleman. Throwing stuff at you and opening/closing doors with a loud bang seem like a ghoul’s favorite activities. But not every ghostly presence is detectable with such visible indicators. That’s why you need to bring the following items with you on a ghost-finding trip. These gadgets help you ensure the presence of a spirit nearby.

1. Smartphone

Bring your phone on a ghost-hunting mission. That’s the first gadget we recommend as a must-have for all demon-catching addicts. There are more than one reasons to have your mobile with you at all times. Breaking into a reputably haunted house is risky. You’re lucky if you only encounter ghouls inside such a location. But it can become a real nightmare for you if there’s a dangerous person/s living there. You need a device to reach the police or friends in case of an accident. Or if you need to record something in a hurry and you’ve forgotten to bring your camera.

2. Camera

Thus, the second important gadget for a paranormal-activity enthusiast is a nice-working camera. It’ll help you record visual evidence of a supernatural presence. A portable SLS camera can become a perfect addition to your Spiritshack ghost hunting kit. And a night-vision camera is also a must-have as most specter-searching expeditions take place at night. But how about a camera that doesn’t even need light to function? Thermal cameras cost more, but they provide authentic evidence of paranormal activities. However, thermal-imaging mobile apps are useless and misleading so avoid installing them.

3. Torch

The third must-have piece of equipment is a torch. Don’t just depend on the light emitted by your smartphone. Its battery can die anytime, so you need a reliable source of electromagnetic waves to enhance your vision. We have seen multiple American YouTubers who forget to bring a simple “flashlight” to haunted places. Sometimes, grabbing a torch can help you realize whether it’s a ghost you’ve heard or just a stray-cat scampering away. And don’t overlook the importance of bringing extra batteries in case your haunted adventure continues overnight. Light protects you while you wander inside an abandoned house possibly inhabited by wild creatures or homeless people.

4. Walkie-Talkies

The name’s apparent enough to describe this gadget’s functionality. You might find this item online with the formal name “handheld transceiver.” Otherwise, this amazing piece is known as a two-way radio. They work in the half-duplex mode. So, unlike a smartphone, only one person can speak at a time, and the receiver must wait for his/her turn to talk. These walkie-talkies are dependable and cost-effective methods to remain in constant communication with your spirit-seeking buddies. Emergencies require quick action, and these two-way radios allow you to contact your friends instantly. So, even if your mobile loses signals, this little thing never leaves you unaided.

5. Digital Thermometer

Ghostly presences are scarcely unaccompanied by thermal fluctuations. A digital thermometer identifies these fluctuations and indicates the attendance of something supernatural. That’s how you discover ghosts hesitant to make their presence known via visual pointers. A sudden change in the room’s temperature will alert the paranormal investigators. But don’t forget to look for AC flow or drafty windows so you won’t mistake them for a ghost’s welcome. You can purchase a Mel Meter that comes with a built-in digital thermometer. This particular thermometer measures ambient temperature fluctuations with a quick response.

6. EMF Reader

This gadget is every paranormal hunter’s best friend;scientists have proposed that the electromagnetic field makes the human mind. This field doesn’t disintegrate even after a person’s death. That’s why the EMF residue of the deceased are detectable after centuries have passed. You can now purchase a decent audible EMF meter from online stores. These devices sound an eardrum-rupturing alarm when they detect something eerie. And the intensity of the alarm’s sound indicates the level of supernatural threat you’re about to face. You can also install mobile apps that are capable of reading these EMF signals. But handheld gadgets are more reliable.

7. Voice Recorder

Last but not least, we have a digital sound recorder, an essential addition to your ghostbusting backpack. Some ghosts are embarrassed about being noticed visually. So, they manifest themselves via verbal communication. Many ghost hunters have claimed to hear voices that weren’t coming from any human/animal source. But most ghosts speak with an inaudible frequency that requires an EVP sound recorder. This valuable and essential item allows you to detect electronic voice phenomena, as the name indicates.


Human beings have always been curious about the world around them. And this curiosity helped us not only survive but surpass our ancestors and become more capable of adapting to our environment. Through imagination never ceased to be a man’s perfect weapon against his ignorance. While it led to the birth of creative inventions, it also inclined the human mind to become superstitious. No wonder Americans believe in paranormal activities more than they have faith in the effectiveness of vaccines.

Ghost-husting gear helps paranormal investigators find natural reasons behind inexplicable supernatural occurrences. This equipment allows them to measure the accuracy behind the claims of a certain location being haunted or riddled with invisible monsters. Either they find a reasonable explanation of a paranormal happening, or they discover evidence for the existence of ghosts. Nevertheless, a ghost-hunting kit is a must-have for all demonology enthusiasts looking for answers in the 21st century.