Packaging: how to choose it and what is its role?

The packaging sector generated nearly 18 billion euros in sales worldwide in 2013, so it has an important economic stake. But it also takes on an issue of functionality and an increasingly marked environmental issue.

The growth sectors for packaging in the coming years are distribution, commerce, and e-commerce. From the diversity of solutions to the issue of loyalty through innovations in the sector, we will discuss the main criteria in order to choose the right packaging.  E-Liquid Custom Packaging Boxes.


Today there are many packaging solutions: cardboard envelopes, bubble envelopes, kraft paper, tubes, post office boxes… Our company, which dominates the European packaging market, offers more than 10,000 references. But diversity does not necessarily mean simplicity. Faced with this multiplicity of packaging, you have to choose the right packaging for each product.

We must favor packaging with the right dimensions, always with a view to offering the best packaging to the customer. It is advisable to provide a packaging a little larger than the product in order to insert protections, padding, or something to wedge it (foam, bubble wrap, etc.).

The choice of the packaging solution should also be based on the packaging time required. If you have similar products (sizes, weight, dimensions) requiring similar packaging, it is possible to provide you with certain solutions allowing you to save time and therefore increase your productivity. The objective is to offer quality packaging but at the lowest possible cost. This is the case, for example, of PO boxes with a built-in foam insert and adhesive tape.

Regarding heavy objects, crumpled kraft paper provides an economical, ecological solution and provides good protection thanks to its good impact resistance (unlike air pockets). The weight of your package must not exceed 30 kilos (maximum weight authorized to be carried by a person), beyond that, additional conditions must be respected.

Of course, other elements must be taken into account beyond the packaging itself to ensure the preservation of its quality. Good stock control is necessary: ​​stacking the boxes one on top of the other will result in deterioration of the packaging, the same if the room is too humid or poorly insulated. Packages must be kept flat in a closed room.

The use of good equipment is also necessary: ​​not skimping on costs allows to provide customers with products without risk of damage. Likewise, automating actions or choosing a professional scale to avoid paying additional shipping costs to add to the list of possible savings if attention is put in the right places.

Other tips for choosing your packaging:

Provide special round-trip packaging.

Anonymize the packages, that is to say not to show the brand of the product packaged on the cardboard in order to protect yourself against attempted thefts, for example.

Place the documents inside the package.


The packaging represents the purpose of the relationship between the e-merchant and the customer. This last impression has a major role in customer experience. For customers, the packaging is a reflection of the quality of service offered by e-merchants. The same product received in good packaging will be perceived better than in poor quality packaging. Wholesale Custom E Liquid Boxes.

The aesthetics of the packaging also play a role in this quest for loyalty. Regarding this point, it is not necessary to have the original packaging for a simple book or an electronic product (the protection of the product is preferred here) but for other products it may be necessary.

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