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Old School Runescape Runecrafting Guide

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Old School Runescape Runecrafting Guide

For both OSRS P2P and F2P players

Runecrafting is one of the slowest skills to train and raise, which is why players prefer to use alternate methods of leveling it. That means using skill lamps and the Tears of Guthix minigames, for the most part. The traditional way to level it up means intensive clicking and a lot of running around.

Some Agility is needed for restoring Energy for running, and you’ll be doing a lot of it. Fortunately, runes are in demand due to all the spellcasting a player does, letting you earn OSRS gold in the process.

OSRS F2P Leveling

Free-to-play players have limited resources and features available to them. It’s still possible to level Runecrafting to 99, though, but it’s really slow. Here’s the general flow:

Levels 1-20

Air Runes (up to level 9/14/20)

Earth Runes (starting from 9 to 14/20)

Fire Runes (starting from 14 to 20)

Levels 20-99: Body Runes

Alternatively, craft elemental tiaras from 1-99 (no profits, fastest leveling)

All runes may be crafted with Pure Essence since there’s no real difference in experience gain whether you’re using Pure or Rune Essence. Rune Essence is 5 times more expensive, and with no significant boost, a waste if used for Runecrafting.

Crafting Body Runes can be made more efficient with an imbued Skull Scepter, and a teleport to Falador or Lumbridge. The latter depends on whether you’re in a PvP or PvE world. If on the former, careful you don’t bring any valuable object on you, as PvPers can snare and Tele-block you.

The general flow is to teleport to Barbarian Village with a Body Tiara, run to the altar, craft runes, teleport to the town to bank, and repeat. Another way to make it easy is to use runners. It can be from an OSRS power leveling service or if you use an alt.

As for crafting elemental tiaras, making Air Tiaras is the most cost-effective one to do. However, you’ll still end up with a loss. It’s the fastest F2P way, but it also comes with huge losses.

OSRS P2P Leveling

With a wider variety of Runes and methods, paid members have a somewhat easier time leveling Runecrafting. But first, they should do the following quests.

Rune Mysteries

Enter the Abyss

The Eyes of Glouphrie

Lunar Diplomacy

These quests give an edge in training Runecrafting. Namely, Enter the Abyss rewards you with an Essence Pouch that can extend your inventory by up to 30 spaces. The pouches degrade, though, and you’ll need to repair them. The NPC Contact spell from the Lunar Spellbook would help with that. Plus, The Eyes of Glouphrie and Lunar Diplomacy give Runecrafting experience to skip the lower levels.

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The next step is to gather Essence Pouches. These come from the Abyss, specifically Abyssal Leeches, Guardians, and Walkers. You get a small pouch after the quest, and you can subsequently get bigger and bigger ones. The sizes can go up to giant, which can hold 12 essences.

While you can’t use them yet without the required Runecrafting level, gathering a stock of them will help. You won’t have to keep going back to the Abyss for more. Also, the bigger ones (medium and above) degrade after a few uses so if you forget to repair them at least you have extras.

Next, you should get a Rune Pouch as well. You can get them by exchanging some Slayer Points or buying them from other players. With one, you can store up to 16k runes of three types. That’s 16k per type of rune, mind you. You can keep the runes for NPC Contact in it, so you can repair your pouches without having to deviate from your training.

On to leveling Runecrafting.

Questing should get you to level 29. Though, if you want to start from the bottom, you can start with making tiaras or making elemental runes (up to level 23 or 50).

From level 23 you can make Lava Runes up to level 99.

Alternatively, you can level Runecrafting in the Ourania Altar from whatever level you want to start with to 99.

From level 77 you can also craft Blood and Soul Runes in Arceuus.

Some other combination runes may also be crafted, but profits from these aren’t consistent.

At higher levels, crafting double runes can net some profit though leveling will be slow.

At level 95 you can start crafting Wrath Runes which are the most profitable runes to make. (Tradeoff is slow XP rates).

Make sure to keep the proper teleports available. That would cut down on travel times and save a tiny bit of energy for running. Also, don’t be stingy about the Energy Recovery Potions. It’s always faster and more efficient than letting energy recover naturally.

Ourania Altar is quite dangerous, so be prepared if using that method. It would also give you random runes when crafting, different from all the other altars. Be sure to hide the ‘Attack’ option so you don’t waste time randomly attacking an enemy. It’s also easier to drop runes to make space so you don’t miss out on XP.

Like in the F2P methods, most of the quick leveling methods are not too profitable, and those that are can be quite slow as far as XP is concerned.


Runecrafting can be slow, but that’s offset by all the OSRS gold you can earn by leveling it. Remember to search up some more tips to make skilling more efficient, so you can level up or earn faster. Take breaks when necessary and have fun leveling Runecrafting!