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The Best Hardcore Survival Life Hacks in Minecraft

Best Hardcore Survival Life Hacks in Minecraft
The Best Hardcore Survival Life Hacks in Minecraft

Surviving in Hardcore mode is one of the most difficult tests in Minecraft. You only have one life here, and the complexity is always off the charts. Every action in the game, from exploring the depths of hell, exploring caves in the night, to fighting the dragon Ender of the world, becomes many times more complex and dangerous.


At the very beginning, the player will need to:

  • Collect at least four logs;
  • Craft a wooden pickaxe;
  • Collect enough stone for the stove and a full set of stone tools;
  • Build a completely closed shelter.

Now the player has a place where he can hide from the night threat. Ideally, the player will want to get some meat from animals nearby to cook it on the stove. The Minecraft gamer can also create charcoal from wood. After that, the player will already have shelter, food, weapons, torches in order to save life throughout the night. The most priority field of this is to build a bed that allows you to skip night time. However, not all biomes live on sheep, and this complicates the task.

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The armor will protect the player from all kinds of damage that may lead to his death. Damage from everything – from mobs to lava blocks – can be mitigated by wearing any type of armor. As a result, it is in the interests of the player to have a full set of the best armor he can afford.


Food is the basis of survival. Novice players need to eat everything that falls under their hands. Even rotten flesh can be enough to prevent hunger and save the player’s life. But over time, you will need to start saving the best food, to which the gamer has access and spend only it.

It is best to focus on:

  • Steak;
  • Cooked pork;
  • Cooked lamb;
  • Golden carrots.

Golden apples are a good option for satisfying hunger and treatment, but it will take time to get them. Gold carrots are much more economical in this regard.

What kind of animals you will breed doesn’t matter. You will also need to build wheat farms to feed your flock.


Cobblestone is a good tool for survival in different cases. When traveling, the player will be able to quickly use it to make an impromptu base if night begins to come.

In battle, cobblestone is a tool for saving lives and avoiding problems. Of course, you can still suffer from the explosion, but if you climb high enough, only the base of your impromptu tower will suffer.


There is nothing terrible about being in battle with the enemy and having only one sword in your hand. But the best players in Minecraft recommend creating copies of many items. Armor, weapons, essential tools that will need to be replaced should always be at hand.

If in the middle of the fight you lose your enchanted armor or cool weapons, then there will be no chance to restore it and get out of the fight as the winner. The player should always have spare tools and weapons in his inventory.


Alchemy is an important source of strength for the player. Having the right ingredients, you can minecraft potions that help in a combat situation:

Acceleration gives the player a boost for movement speed, which will help him escape from any opponent, as well as explore the world faster.

The force increases melee damage.

Despite the effectiveness of these potions, there are more complex options that can become a real salvation in a critical situation. These potions provide protection and treatment in order to keep death at arm’s length.

Invisibility helps the player not to be detected by mobs at a distance.

Fire resistance removes damage from lava and fire, which helps in Hell.

Treatment instantly restores health.

Regeneration provides treatment for some time.

Individual potions require ingredients from dangerous places. Gast’s tears are needed for regeneration of the potion, while “Acceleration” requires only sugar.

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Perhaps the best hint that players in Hardcore mode should always adhere to is to avoid unjustified risk. Some use their death when they get lost when exploring a new area to teleport home.

There’s nothing wrong with running away from fights and hiding in a shelter every time the sun sets. Even hardcore veterans with years of experience can die from a Zombie kick.