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Navagraha Stotram Meaning and importance

Navagraha Stotram Meaning and importance

Astrology deals with the planets and celestial events and their impact on human lives. There are 9 planets, and their positions in the twelve constellations of the Zodiac, as well as their movements have an effect on human beings. The nine planets are called ‘Navagrahas Stotram’, and they impact every aspect of our lives. The Navagrahas are the Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu.

They have an important role in shaping our personalities and the events that happen to us. If any of these planets are positioned unfavorably, it can cause all kinds of problems that can affect our happiness and success. These problems include debts, illness, troubled relationships, lack of progeny, mental illness, delayed marriage, etc., when a person is found to be suffering from such problems caused by the Navagrahas, he/she is said to have Graha Dosha.

Navagraha Stotram Meaning and importance

By analyzing the person’s horoscope, it is possible to find out what kind of Graha Dosha he/she is suffering from. Some of the most common and feared Graha Doshas are Mangal (Mars), Rahu Dosha, and Ketu Dosha. 

Each Dosha affects our lives in a particular way. For instance, Mangal Dosha causes delays in marriage and problems in marriage. It can affect the health and lifespan of the spouse. It also causes financial problems. Rahu Dosha can cause delays in marriage and childbirth, problems in married life, mental illness, etc.

Ketu Dosha causes material losses, loss of love for no obvious reason, public humiliation, sudden death, botched surgeries, loss of reputation, entrapment, etc. Needless to say, such things prevent us from achieving happiness and fulfillment. 

The adverse effects of the ‘Navagrahas’ can be reduced with the help of Navagraha Stotram or Mantras. Chanting these mantras regularly will reduce their ill effects. Mantras contain great spiritual energy. When chanted in the right manner, mantras create vibrations that bring positive changes in our lives.

The Navagraha Stotra/Mantra should be chanted 108 times every day to gain relief from the bad effects of Graha Dosha. One should wake up early, have a bath before 6 am, and chant the Mantra while facing the sun. One can also chant it, sitting before an idol of the Navagrahas. Understanding the meaning of the Mantra helps to maximize its benefits. The Stotra must be chanted at least once a day.

Navagraha Stotra/Mantra:

Om Namo Bagavathe Baskaraaya Mama Sarva Grahanam Peeda Naashanam Guru Guru Swaaha

When chanting it for someone else:

Om Namo Bagavathe Baskaraaya _________ Sarva Grahanam Peeda Naashanam Guru Guru Swaaha

Fill in the blank space with the name of the person you are praying for. This ritual can be begun from Amavasai (New Moon) or on a Sunday. 

There are also specific Mantras for each planet or Graha. Chanting them can help one to gain the blessings of the favorable planets in one’s birth chart and diminish the negative effects of the unfavorable ones. Each planet rules one day of the week. The Mantra for a particular planet can be recited on the day associated with it for the best results. Thus Surya Mantra is chanted on Sundays and Chandra Mantra on Mondays. Rahu and Ketu do not rule any particular day. But Rahu Mantra can be chanted on Saturdays, and Ketu Mantra on Tuesdays.

Navagraha Mantras for specific planets

Navagraha Mantras for specific planets

Surya/Sun Mantra

  • Japaa kusuma Sankaasam – Kaasyapeyam Mahaath’ yuthim
  • Thamo’urim sarva Paapa ganam – Pranathosmi Dhiwaakaram.
  • One who resembles the Hibiscus flower, Son of Kashyapa, full of radiance,
  • Enemy of darkness and the one who dispels all sins, I prostrate that Soorya.

Chandra/Moon Mantra

  • Dhadhi sanka Thushaaraabham – Ksheero Dhaarnava Sambhavam
  • Namaami sasinam Somam – Sambhor makuta Bhooshanam.
  • One who has the color of curd and icebergs, one who emerges from the milky ocean, Chandra who adorns Shiva, I prostrate. that Chandra.

Mangal/Mars Mantra

  • Dharanee garbha Sambhootham – Vidhyuth kaanthi Samaprabham
  • Kumaaram Sakthi Hasthancha – Mangalam Pranamaam Yaham.
  • One who is Bhooma Devi’s son and has the radiance of lightning,
  • One who holds Shakthi in his hand, and the auspicious one, I prostrate that Angaraka.

Budha/Mercury Mantra

  • Piryangu kali Kaasyaamam – Roope’naa Prathimam Budham
  • Sowmyam sowmya Gunopetham – Tham Bhudham Pranamaam Yaham.
  • One who is dark like the Priyangu flower’s bud, One who has no equal in beauty and is intelligent, the son of Chandra, One who is peaceful, I prostrate that Budha.

Guru/Jupiter Mantra

  • Dhe’vaanaancha Risheenaancha – Gurum Kaanchan sannibham
  • Bhudhdhi bhootham Thrilokesam – Thannamaami Bhruhaspathim.
  • One who is the preceptor of the Devas and the Rishis, who is radiant and intelligent, the ruler of all the three worlds, I prostrate that Brihaspathi.

Shukra/Venus Mantra

  • Hima kundha M’runaalaabam – Dhaithyaanam Paramam Gurum
  • Sarva saasthra Pravruththaaram – Bhaargavam Pranamaam Yaham.
  • One who has the radiance of the dew, Lotus stem, and Thumba flower, High priest of the Asuras
  • The one who preaches the Shastras, I prostrate that ( Bhargava )Sukracharya.

Shani/Saturn Mantra

  • Neelaanchana Samaabaasam – Raviputhram Yamaagrajam
  • Chaayaa Maarthaanda Sambhootham – Thannamaami Sanaicharam.
  • One who is blue, like charcoal, the son of Surya and the brother of Yama, the one who is the son of Chaya and Surya, I prostrate that Saneeswara.

Rahu Mantra

  • Ardha kaayam mahaaveeyram – Chandhraadhithya vimardhanam
  • Simhikaagarba Sambhootham – Tham Raahum Pranamaam Yaham.
  • One who has half a body and has great courage, One who confronts Chandra and Surya without any fear, the One who was born from the womb of Simhika, I prostrate that Rahu.

Ketu Mantra

  • Palaasa pushpa sankaasam – Thaarakagraha masthakam
  • Rowdhram rowdhraathmakam go’ram – Tham Kethum Pranamaam Yaham.
  • One who resembles the Palasa flower, One who is the king of the stars and
  • One with a fierce form and is scary and angry, I prostrate that Kethu. 

Benefits of Navagraha Stotram 

The Navagraha Stotram was written by Sage Vyasa. It is the peace mantra for the nine planets, which have the power to pacify the Navagrahas and protect them from their negative effects. When one chants the Navagraha Stotram regularly, it creates positive vibrations and makes the planets give favorable results for the chanter. It minimizes the harmful planetary effects and enhances their positive effects. The chanter feels peaceful and avoids evil things. Chanting this daily can help bring good health, wealth, and prosperity.