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How To Meditate? Different Types Of Meditation

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Meditation is the training of the mind; likewise, physical exercise is for the body. The ultimate purpose is to release everyday tension to live a peaceful life.

When we meditate, we focus on the long-term benefits of our lives. It enables us to look closer into our inner self of ours that needs to be taken care of to stay stress-free, calm, and tranquil. From your busy schedule, it is crucial taking out time to destress yourself and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

A beginner may take it as a challenging activity, because of sitting for so long and thinking of nothing rather than emptying the thoughts of our mind. However, as you go on, you will love the process due to the energy and positivity you will be gifted with.

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation releases the negative thoughts in our minds that help us not only in the emotional flexibility but the physical performance of our body too.

You need to take care of your thoughts first before taking care of your physical appearance. When you have a mind full of positive ideas and energy, then you will soon realize that your life is turning the same way as your thoughts.

The list of some short-term benefits includes:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Slower respiratory rate
  • Less anxiety
  • Feeling of well-being
  • Less stress
  • Deeper relaxation
  • Emotional flexibility

There are a lot more long-term benefits too. When positive thought controls your mind, your life will be filled with positivity too. You look at the bigger picture of the situation and tackle demanding tasks and experiences easily.

You are less likely to be mentally affected by the emotional or physical loss you suffered with. Besides taking care of the wellness of your mind make healthy food choices to enjoy the twofold benefits of it.

How to Meditate?

How to Meditate?

Before starting the meditation process, you need to feel calm and comfortable. It’s not just about sitting in a calm place, thinking of nothing, but your own coziness matters more. A tranquil atmosphere where worldly disturbances are nowhere to be found makes it more amazing. With time you’ll realize how surprisingly it changed the way you have been living your life.

How to Meditate?

Here’s how to take on the meditation process like a pro as described by the dissertation editing service in their paper:

  1. Take a seat: Sit in a comfortable place in your comfortable outfit. Inhale and exhale your breath. Choose a site that is calm and quiet.
  2. Set time limit: Timing is everything, so in the beginning set a time limit of 5 to 10 minutes, with time you can increase it.
  3. Notice your body: You can sit on a chair with your legs falling down or on your knee; it’s all about your own comfort. Just be calm and be ready to free yourself from disturbance.
  4. Feel the breaths:  Take a look at the sensation of your breaths. Feel them.
  5. Notice when your mind has wandered: During this time all you need to do is to focus on your breaths. Whenever you feel like your mind has wandered, return back and listen to your breaths only.
  6. Be kind during wandering: Do not judge yourself whenever your mind is wandering. Take care of yourself with kindness. Simply return back.
  7. Close with kindness: When you are done. Gently lower your gaze, open your eyes and listen to the calm sounds of the surroundings and feel how the positive thoughts took the place of the negative ones.
  8. Eat healthily: Eat good food and keep yourself hydrated. Not just the mind but the physical well-being is required too.

That’s how you can free your mind from worldly thoughts to stay happy, healthy, and positive as well as you can make the most of this one life you are gifted with.

Based on your nature, situation, and needs, meditation is divided into several types. These types differ from one another due to their style and place of meditation. Let us have a brief look at distinct modes of meditation.

Types of Meditation

There are several ways we can meditate ourselves emotionally and physically. One may work for you and the other may not until you find the right one for yourself. Trying and experimenting with different ones will be an adventure.

Some day you can even climb a mountain nearby, and relax on its top or sit beside a sea where there are peaceful waves and a beautiful sunset will follow your eyes as soon as you open your eyes. Or, you can go to a nearby park, filled with the chirping of the birds and the sounds of falling leaves. It’s all at the moment; enjoy every minute and second to enjoy the process of meditation.

Here is a list of some meditation techniques:

1.    Loving-kindness meditation

This helps to elapse the hatred for enemies and spread a positive message of love and kindness. It is helpful for people suffering from issues like anger, frustration, conflicts, and post-traumatic stress.

2.    Body scan or progressive relaxation

It is a type of meditation that allows the scanning of the body for tensions. Analyzing the main areas, it encourages people to release stress and take the wholesome benefits of body scan meditation. Some include relaxing their muscles while others may consist of visualization like a wave, drifting over the body.

3.    Mindfulness meditation

This type of meditation encourages practitioners to stay and live in the moment rather than holding onto the past and thinking of the future.

This can increase memory, reduce stress and the fear of negative moments as well as manages emotional reactions.

4.    Breath awareness meditation

In this type of meditation, the practitioner focuses on breathing leaving every thought and emotion aside. This improves emotional flexibility and reduces stress.

5.    Zen meditation

This is performed under the supervision of a trainer, as it involves specific steps and postures. The goal is to observe one’s thoughts and release the negative thoughts and emotions evoked in one’s mind. It provides a new spiritual path.

How often to Meditate?

The best answer to this is little meditation than no meditation. Even if you get time to do it once a week, try it. It is a process-oriented training, which focuses on the moment. A calm moment after a stressful day takes away the stress for a moment.

Take Away Message

Live in the moment and enjoy every second of your life. Free yourself from worldly affairs with the use of meditation techniques. You can make it a habit and watch how your life turns from a miserable one to a calmer one.