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How Students Can Stay Healthy While Studying at Home?

healthy tips for students

The students years are the happiest for many because of the combination of youth, novelty, and impressions. It is during this period that the first difficulties, first love, and first disappointments of adult life take place. For several years, life is in full swing, and exams, lectures, and tests are replaced by collective trips to the cinema, the bar, and hanging out with friends.

The only thing that students do not have enough time for is to think about their health. It seems to them that pills and sores are for old people – that many receive their diplomas along with diseases. We want to offer help for students in the form of advice on how to stay healthy while studying at home.

Take care of your health from a young age!

We are used to hearing that we are building our own future. And here we are talking not only about a career and upbringing but also about health. Early in life, our mental and physical health is largely dependent on our parents. They are the ones who lay the foundation. Then everything depends on ourselves. What will it be like to live on the upper floors if the middle ones are built of low-quality material? I think such a “building” will not last long.

healthy tips for students

How annoying it is to hear from parents that smoking is harmful, and it is better to take lunch with you from home, as well as daily reminders to protect your head and lower back from the cold. And you imagine the following picture: everyone is fashionable and cool (they smoke), and you stand to the side alone in a warm shapeless jacket, with a lunchbox in hand. And you want to be the life of the party and impress fellow students.

At forty, those who were so cool and fashionable in their student years themselves will stand aside with sick kidneys, lungs, stomach, and heart. To be strong, athletic, and fit at fifty or sixty years old is what is really in fashion and prestigious today! And it all starts with students.

Enrolled healthy, graduated sick

Health is largely dependent on lifestyle, and the World Health Organization (WHO) speaks about this. With admission to the institute, the rhythm of life changes, even if you study at home – and not always for the better. 

The following things are typical for students:

  • Irregular and improper nutrition
  • Little physical activity
  • Mental stress

Here is a list of the main enemies of student health, which cannot be overcome, but it is possible to reduce their effect on the body. Let’s deal with each separately.

Nutrition for a student

Gastritis is common for students. Almost everyone experiences stomach pains by the end of their studies. This is only the smallest digestive problem that can develop from poor nutrition. Sometimes gallstones, pancreatitis, or stomach ulcers occur. In addition, it is not always possible to wash your hands before you eat, and a serious infection can enter your intestines.

Approximate student diet:

  • In the morning – students eat a lot so as not to get hungry quickly (if they have time).
  • At lunchtime – students eat dry food, or they don’t eat at all.
  • After studying, they eat a lot again, the last time at 9-10pm.

This is the most promising picture. Often in the morning, girls spend time on make-up while guys sleep, and at lunchtime, learning problems are solved. Students have time to eat once a day (in the evening). Even the strongest stomach cannot withstand such a schedule.

What to do?

  • Eat more often. After all, hydrochloric acid without food begins to digest gastric mucosa. Do not forget about lunch: food is fuel not only for the body but also for the brain. Ideally, meals should not be more than four hours apart. Another very important rule – never skip breakfast!
  • An important point is the quality of food. Choose food that contains the correct ratio of protein, fat, and carbohydrates.
  • If the day did pass on an empty stomach, compensate for this with good homemade food. Oatmeal will become a real treat for the stomach.
  • Don’t forget about hygiene. Water and soap today can be replaced with hand sanitizer.

Lack of physical activity

Students sit for most of the day. Zoom lectures and preparations for homework are held without movement. As a result, students face the following problems:

  • Improper blood circulation in the limbs
  • Oxygen starvation of important organs, including the brain
  • Rachiocampsis

But you can help yourself:

  • Try to take even short breaks for movement between lectures. Never stay sitting at your desk during a break.
  • Monitor your posture constantly. A straight back is not only for beauty but also the normal functioning of the lungs and blood circulation.
  • When you work a lot at the computer or read, take short breaks every 40 minutes; take care of your eyes.
  • Don’t forget about fresh air. You can read and study in the park. Any bench on the street is suitable for this. And the least thing you can do is ventilate your room as often as possible.
  • Fall in love with sports! The idea that it takes a lot of money is just an excuse. It is enough to do the simplest exercises at home. And dancing to your favorite music is useful not only for the body but also for the soul.

How not to go crazy

Unfortunately, many students face mental stress during studying. What should they do?

  • You need to alternate your mental workload with other activities. The brain cannot be in an active state for a long time, as it gradually gets tired. 
  • Plan your time – don’t leave a lot of assignments at the end of the term. Do this to have more sleep. With a lack of sleep, the quality of learning (and life) decreases dramatically.
  • Again, I would like to express the importance of sports. Physical activity forces blood to move through the body, delivering oxygen to all important organs, especially the brain.

Don’t be afraid to stand out and defend your opinion, especially when it comes to morality and a healthy lifestyle. There will be those who will laugh at you, but there will also be like-minded people. In twenty years, those who did not think about their lives in time will understand how right you were.