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Do you have a problem with the security of your computer, your personal data or any information you have? We present you McAfee, a new Antivirus with which you can have incredible security for all your information. It has an easy installation and when you have it you will be aware of any threat that may arise at all times.

It is also very useful for spam that may generate, or any junk content that may be sending you. Mcafee gives you security against viruses, even against the most modern viruses. This has an extensive database where any malware threat can collect and identified. It protects all your information, as well as your personal data that usually hosted in your browser. And other wonderful options that you will have with this incredible application.

It has several options for example Virus Scan Enterprise for use in small and medium-sized companies. Also other versions that we can find is McAfee Internet Security, which provides good security for the vigilance and proper use of the internet, and McAfee Total Protection, which gives complete protection to the operating system. The versions of McAfee Internet Security and McAfee Total Protection already have built-in Virus Scan.

Create an account Of McAfee antivirus

If you want to use this wonderful application, we will indicate the steps you must follow to have an account and use it. Remember that this application will be helping you in terms of security. So it recommended that you have an account to enjoy its services.

  1. We are going to enter the following address into our browser:
  2. After accessing the link we select the button where it says register now
  3. Now we will present with a form where as the first piece of information we are going to place our name. Followed by our surnames, then our email, it is important to place a valid address belonging to it. So that all the information regarding our account can sent correctly to our email.
  4. Also to make proper use of the account, after we will put our password, it has to include numbers and letters. Remember to put something you can remember to avoid problems with the account. Next step we will write the confirmation of our password, we can mark if we want to receive promotions and other things from the application to our email. Once everything correctly placed we are going to click the button where it says “I ACCEPT”.

With these steps you will already have a McAfee account, you can start making use of all the services that you will undoubtedly enjoy, since it provides a quality service in terms of security, you will have a complete backup of all information and personal data, already With this, you can feel more secure when using a computer, or when browsing the different websites.

Steps to Sign in to McAfee Account

If you already have a McAfee account, we will now teach you how to log in properly and easily. If you completed all the registration steps correctly, you will not have any problem with the next steps.

  1. We are going to enter the following address into our browser:
  2. Next, we will look for where a small form appears on the left side, once located, we are going to enter as the first data the email used for registering our account, now we are going to place our password. Written everything correctly let’s press the button login.

If you completed all the steps properly, you will already be using your personal McAfee account, and you will start using the different applications that this service provides, as far as security is concerned.

Recover password in McAfee

If you have a problem with your account, for example, you have forgotten your password. We will show you how you can do to recover it in an easy and safe way, following the steps that will shown below.

  1. We go to the browser and enter the following address:
  2. Now we will look for the link where it says “You have forgotten your password”  and we select it.
  3. If we press the button, a window will appear where we will place the email. That we use to register our account. Once it correctly placed we will press the button where it says “SEND EMAIL”.
  4. We go to our email, we will look for the message that we have received from McAfee and we will press the recovery link.
  5. Now it will show us a small form where we must place our new password and the confirmation of it. It recommended to put everything correctly, checking that the data matches, the password should be easy for you to remember. Once all this done, we are going to press the “SAVE” button”.
  6. With these steps we can once again make use of this great application and the optimal services it provides.

Download McAfee for Android

  1. Enter the link of the Play Store using an Android mobile device.
  2. Check the compatibility of the application with your mobile device. If this is compatible, and it is available, then click on the “Install” button to start downloading the application.
  3. Next step, downloaded the application, its installation will start automatically, and thus you will be able to enjoy its services.

Download McAfee for iOS

  1. Use this link to access the App Store using an iOS device.
  2. Click on the download button and enter your Apple ID to validate the process. Remember that the download time may vary depending on your internet connection. For this reason, it recommended that you use a nearby Wi-Fi network.
  3. Once the download is successful, you can begin installing McAfee.