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Mathias Valon Biography: He has changed many lives Throughout his life

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Mathias Valon Biography Introduction:

Mathias Valon is a highly proactive, creative, visionary, and adventurous man. His personal goal is “I create a world with more trust”. Trust is the most precious element in this universe. His vision is to connect the global network digitally through an impeccable chain of trust.  He loves to keep himself fit, and active and has an endless passion for sports. Mathias has built 7 companies in 4 countries and earned a good reputation in Blockchain and cryptocurrency across the globe.

He is an encouraging leader who is sharing his vision of a trustless economy viaTrustSearch and TrustUnion project. Mathias Valon has a diverse dynamic nature which makes him learn new languages despite his native French language. He often speaks French as well as English and has a basic knowledge of Chinese and Thai. His hobby is reading books, exploring the world, and meeting people to inspire their lives. He has changed many lives throughout his life.

Mathias Valon Early Studies:

Mathias’s passion for studies went him through Arlington, Texas, United States; where he studied Expert Management training and management performance from CCI Training Center; which provides career training in Computer & Network Administration. He got his higher education from Aix-en-Provence, Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur, France.

Blockchain is a mutually shared, immutable ledger for trust-building and recording transactions along with tracking assets. He got a diploma certification in Expert Technologists Blockchain and Blockchain Business Solutions from the USA in 2018.

Mathias Valon Hobbies:

He has a great enthusiasm for reading tons of Books; which help him grow his personality, knowledge, and business. He read Blockchain, la révolution de la confiance [Blockchain, The Trust Revolution] by Laurent Leloup, Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow, by Yuval Noah Harari, Sapiens:

A Brief History of Humankind, by Yuval Noah Harari, The 4-Hour Workweek, by Tim Ferris, Humain [Human], by Monique Atlan and Roger-Pol Droit, Guy de Maupassant (all volumes), The Great Precursors of Social Thought, volumes 1,2,3,4, by Platon, Eschyle, Aristote, Lucrece.

Mathias Valon Accomplishments:

Mathias Valon has a curiosity in exploring and understanding new technologies. His keenness towards leads his path to work in the technology sector for more than 15 years. Mathias VALON currently working as CEO & Co-Founder at TrustUnion and General Director and Co-Founder at DragonKey Co. Ltd. 

He has been listed as the best French entrepreneur in Asia in Singapore (2018 – 2019). His work in Asia and the response of Asian towards him are remarkable. Mathias Valon was named as one of ”Crypto Weekly’s 50 must-follow journalists covering crypto and blockchain”.

He leads his company TrustUnion to achieve the biggest milestone of winning with a great margin against opponents in the ‘startups competition’ organized by ”Blockshow Asia 2018”, which is the most well-known blockchain conference in Singapore and in the area. 

Mathias Valon

In addition, Mathias VALON has had five past jobs including General Manager & Co-Founder at OPPORTUNITIES LTD. He has achieved EUR 16M$ million dollars turnover/per year through, inspiring, and employing more than 200 people across his many ventures. His CB personal rank is 24,717. His company “TrustUnion” CB rank is 272,101.

Mathias Valon Sports:

Mathias Valon is an extreme sports enthusiast. He loves almost every sport but thrives in challenging and thrilling sports like climbing, paragliding, etc. He owns a paragliding license. He has climbed twice the highest peak in Europe-Mont Blanc (The highest mountain in Europe), and four times “the Dôme des Ecrins” located in France. He climbed 8 times on the thrilling “Ecrins dome”.

His endless quest of seeking adventure encouraged him to explore and test his abilities on Kilimanjaro and Everest. So, in the upcoming time, he’s gonna climb it. He has a keen passion for support and challenging nature which makes him a “1000 CC National Superbike Champion 1000cc of Thailand in 2017.

 TrustUnion Company:

Mathias Valon is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of TrustUnion & TrustSearch. He is a diverse and serial entrepreneur. He has set up and run seven successful companies around the globe. TrustUnion is his prime company and its base on the concept of digital trust. Mathias’s vision is to help people build trust with each other and provide a digital trust platform. He lay the foundation of “TrustUnion- Blockchain technology will reduce the cost of trust by digitalizing real-life trust”.

TrustUnion is a non-profit, private company founded in November 2016. TrustUnion aims to reduce the cost of Trust on a global scale. Its vision is to bring the first symbiosis between real-life trust into a digital one based on all the reliable quality of blockchain. In TrustUnion, your identity is no longer based on your personal data. Trustworthiness is integral to your digital interactions and your connections. 


Mathias work for another company, named “TrustSearch” whose motive is to organize the world’s trust and make it universally accessible and useful. Recently, under the guidance of Mathias, TrustSearch has covered the biggest milestone of sales in Germany, the United Kingdom, and multiple cities in Europe.

TrustSearch is his last project but his quest for knowledge and helping others is endless. Now, Mathias Valon is inspiring the globe through digital trust and currently working to improve people’s beliefs. Trust is vital in personal as well as public circles, including in relations, close ones as well as your surroundings. TrustSearch initiative was to cover these aspects of trust. TrustSearch has created the Chain of Trust: a fully-featured protocol that integrates all aspects of Trust in an unfakable way.

Mathias Valon

DragonKey Company:

Mathias Valon is the General Director and Co-Founder at DragonKey Co. Ltd. DragonKey is a worldwide activity with an awareness of modern new world challenges. Its headquarter is in Asia-Pacific (APAC). This company is also founded in 2016. DragonKey International is firmly established in Asia. The company is growing faster than expected under the expertise of Mathais Valon.

He created several tools to help his company evaluate operational requirements more accurately and improve the forecasting of finances. Under his leadership, the company is excelling and generating a huge amount of profit every year.


Mathias is a trust and innovation researcher. He is also a data science lover. He is an encouraging leader who is always sharing his vision of a trustless economy via the TrustUnion project. Trust is critical as well as essential. Without trust, we can’t survive in society or even stay alive for very long, but being overly trusting is also not a good option.

Mathias plays and defines many roles in the improvement of the trust level.  Mathias is an ICO Bench blogger and a member of the AFGC. On Jan 15, 2018, Mathias Valon has participated in CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise Asia.

Personal statement:

 Mathias Valon says:

“It’s very easy to have a good idea, everyone has good ideas, every day. The hardest part is turning an idea into a successful product. There are a lot of steps to take, you have to create a balanced combination of persistence, relentlessness, stubbornness, and flexibility. You have to be persistent in the vision and flexible on the implementation. To launch our platform, we have adapted to all stages, technological shift, go to the market shift, monetization shift, new CTO, the launch of fundraising earlier than expected but we remained persistent on the vision. Today, trust is the most ethical element on earth and allows the greatest number of people to have the same chance of success. It is one of the rare things that cannot be bought and that puts everyone on an equal footing. ”

Mathias Valon


Mathias always has a clear vision. What inspires him to make a company like TrustUnion? His answer to this frequently asked question is: “anyone can be a seller through the Amazon platform, anyone can be a driver through the Uber platform, anyone can be a journalist through the Twitter platform, anyone can be a banker through the Bitcoin platform, anyone can be a filmmaker through Youtube platform, anyone can be a learn through Wikipedia.” So, he came up with the idea of TrustUnion that “Anyone can be trusted (digitally) through TrustUnion”.

Social Activities:

Mathias Valon is a socially active person. He loves to meet new people with ideas and explore life with them. He loves to talk about innovations and technology. Mathias Valon often meets new people around the globe and discusses new ideas and technologies which help him grow his business exponentially. Trust is what transforms society and at the same time, it is one, which is exploited.

Mathias preserves and values the trust as he knows the building cost of trust. He spends years studying the digital market and helping people evolve digitally. He tours globally once in a while and he takes a special interest in building healthy and trustful social relations.


Mathias Valon is not just a good entrepreneur but also a supportive boss. His reputations with his employee are positive and their remarks are that “they are extremely proud to have Mathias as a leader and proud of his achievements; his honor and recognition are well deserved! “. He has earned a reputable reputation in society and globally through his kind nature and devotion.


He sets an example for entrepreneurs and business start-ups. His hard work toward his goals and vision is extraordinary. He faced many hardships throughout his entire life buts he keeps moving forward with always a positive intuition. Mathias Valon always stays optimized and keeps his head straight in every hardship, and finally achieves what he wanted. He is not stopping now and his vision is growing more and more every day. Mathias Valon promises to deliver top-notch and world classes services on time.

He has a firm belief in time and he values every single moment of his life. Mathias’s nature is lively and progressive. The best thing about Mathias is “he is focused, oriented and self-motivated”. He inspires his surroundings and helps others to grow with them. His ultimate mission is to create a trustful world with numerous opportunities to grow and inspire.