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Low Blood Pressure Remedies and Advice

Low Blood pressure

A common complaint for many people that often occurs on hot days is a sharp drop in blood pressure, clinically known as hypotension (low blood pressure).

It is not a particularly serious disorder, but it is quite disabling. The symptoms with which it generally occurs are multiple, all easily recognisable and controllable. In most cases, low blood pressure is distinguishable from a self-diagnosis. As well as from a self-measurement, and to get blood pressure values ​​back to optimal levels you can follow the advice below.

However, we clarify immediately that if the situation does not change with the precautions. That we present to you, the best choice to make is to consult your doctor.

How hypotension is recognized: the symptoms?

As we have said, the typical symptoms of low blood pressure are easily distinguished. The most frequent ones are great tiredness and exhaustion accompanied by a feeling of nausea. Normally this therefore involves weakness and even bad mood. As well as restlessness caused by difficulty in concentrating and blurred vision.

In the most acute cases these situations also result in an increase in heart and respiratory rate and a contraction of dieresis, disorders that need to countered promptly with a little relaxation. In fact, when the heartbeat increases and the respiratory rate also increases, so much so that you have breathlessness. It means that the limit reached and you need to act immediately. In order to avoid a worsening of the situation. At worst, fainting with the risk of becoming seriously bad. What you can do is then lie down with your back on the ground and lift your legs. Undoing any tight clothing that could prevent proper blood circulation.

Beyond these sudden drops in pressure that give rise to unpleasant moments, the diagnosis determined by measuring the pressure. A reference value indicating the severity of hypotension is not there, it must compared precisely with the symptoms. In any case, we speak of low blood pressure when the value of the systolic pressure is lower than 120 mmHg and that of the diastolic pressure is lower than 80 mmHg.

How to naturally remedy low blood pressure?

Nutrition is essential for our health, as the famous saying goes “At the table you don’t get old” and you don’t even get sick. In fact, to counteract the disorders of hypo tension, food comes to us, especially foods rich in water and mineral salts. Such as green leafy fruits and vegetables, including zucchini, lettuce and spinach for example.

As for fruit, which can be taken on its own or with smoothies or centrifuged, the non-diuretic one is recommended, pineapple and watermelon should be avoided.

Therefore, oranges, lemons, strawberries, kiwis and cherries fine and dried fruit and natural licorices sticks also very recommended to eat as a snack in the middle of the morning and / or afternoon.

Always at the food level, we point out that the allies of health in case of lowering of pressure are iron, folic acid and vitamins B12 and C. Which all contribute to strengthening the immune defences and giving more energy to the body. Energy that in some cases it can also come from caffeine, but above all from ginseng.

Those who play sports and train even when it is very hot must have greater attention. Through sweat, potassium lost, a fundamental mineral for the well-being of the organism. It must therefore be recovered and in this regard it is recommended to take potassium and magnesium based supplements.

Advice for those suffering from low blood pressure

Finally, we would like to provide a list of extra tips for those who every year witness a drop in their blood pressure as temperatures rise. Taking advantage of a few simple rules is the best prevention.

  1. Stay hydrated throughout the day by drinking still water and avoid staying long in the sun during the hottest days.
  2. Avoid eating large meals and also avoid the consumption of alcoholic beverages; more meals and snacks during the day preferred, as long as they are light.
  3. Sit down as often as possible to avoid long standing, which can increase fatigue and also lead to dizziness.
  4. Moving slowly, abrupt and rapid changes in position are one of the main factors that lead to blurred vision and dizziness. It is therefore clear that excessive efforts should also be avoided and rest should be favoured.
  5. Eat something salty and not sweet in case of weakness. Very often a sugar sachet is recommended when you have the perception of fainting. But it is not certain that it can be useful!
  6. In fact, it can do well if there is a hypoglycemic drop. Which is a cause of the pressure drop, but not the only one. What is recommended to eat when you have a big drop in blood pressure is a salty cracker. A slice of raw ham or simply drink water and salt because sodium helps to raise blood pressure.