Know The Various Methods Of Heel Pain Treatment

Many people don’t understand just how important a good heel pain treatment is until they have it. A badly injured heel can be agonizing for days or weeks, and even months in severe cases. Fortunately, there are many options available to help alleviate heel pain. Let’s look at some of these. The ankle specialist in Southbury and Westport CT can offer various heel pain treatments.

There are quite a few people who try homeopathic heel pain treatment. One of the best-known of these is X-rayed heel brace. This brace has been used for decades and is one of the first methods used in homeopathic medicine! It treats the symptoms of heel pain with the belief that it will correct whatever problem caused the heel pain in the first place.

Understand the temporary and long-term methods of treatments

There are several types of this heel pain treatment, and each has its own merits. The X-rayed brace is a temporary treatment that you will probably need to use only once or twice. A more permanent alternative is to take an orthotic. An orthotic is a special shoe that is designed to fix the source of the problem, instead of covering up the symptoms.

You will also find over-the-counter (OTC) heel pain treatments. These can be either OTC medications or prescriptions. Over-the-counter medications usually treat the pain by relieving swelling. A prescription heel pain treatment, such as Vigabrine Orientalist, actually blocks the neurotransmitter called norepinephrine at the synapse, which is why it works so well. It does not affect the actual structure of the heel itself, as drugs AS corticosteroids can.

If over-the-counter or prescription heel pain treatment does not work, surgery might be needed. Surgery is most commonly used to fix deformities that cause excessive pain. However, there are other heel deformities that can be corrected with surgery, and my doctor has used them successfully.

The options of heel pain treatment through surgery

Heel surgery, although a very invasive surgery, is one of the least painful surgeries. The recovery time is fairly short, and you can usually go back to work within a few days. The most common surgery used for heel pain treatment in my clinic is arthroscopic heel spondylosis. It’s most often performed on athletes, but it can also correct other deformities if it is done right. I’ve heard of some patients who’ve had orthopedic surgery for a tennis elbow condition, and the procedure went well. No matter what, you will need to rest your foot while it heals.

One thing that you may notice after orthopedic surgery to correct a chronic heel condition is that your shoes are very sore and swollen. Wearing them often makes them even worse. In most cases, you’ll have to walk around with an ice pack on the foot and apply topical pain medication. The best thing to do is see your podiatrist before long-term pain results are decided on.

Consult an ankle specialist in chronic heel problems immediately

If you think that you might be suffering from chronic heel problems, I encourage you to see your podiatrist for an evaluation. If heel pain treatment is indicated, your doctor will probably prescribe one of several treatments. Heel spondylosis is one of them, and orthotic insoles and plantar fasciitis are other options. Only you can decide which treatment will be best for you.

Heel spondylosis is caused by a change in the structure of the vertebra in the heel. As the center of gravity of the weight gets shifted forward, the back of the foot develops problems, like a bent tibia, or nerve damage. This change causes the weight to shift from the center of the foot to the back foot. This causes the bone and shock absorber in the foot to change, resulting in severe foot pain.

woman holding her painful foot on white background

Correct diagnosis of heel pain is crucial

It is important that heel pain is diagnosed correctly in order to get the correct treatment. A physician can examine the problem properly and then recommend the right treatment. A podiatrist has many techniques for treating heel pain. It may include physical therapy, orthotics, or surgery.

There are several podiatrists in Westport Connecticut who specialize in this field. You can contact them for a consultation, and they will examine your heel and foot. They will take X-rays and help you decide what kind of treatment will work best for your heel pain. You can be sure to get the best treatment, from a reputable practitioner, if you choose this podiatrist to help with your heel problem. One can simply log in to websites like to consult the best ankle specialist for heel pain treatment in Westport and Southbury CT.

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