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Know Everything About MCM Scholarships Offered By GIIS Abu Dhabi

The fundamental purpose of an MCM scholarship is to provide financial assistance to students coming from low-income strata to subsist on their education. The inability to afford the exorbitant fees of the private schools in Abu Dhabi results in a high rate of school dropouts every year.

The fee framework of the Global Indian International School is comparatively feasible but it still extends several scholarship programs for its students. To determine the eligibility of a student for merit cum means scholarship both the records of merit and means of the candidates who apply for scholarships are taken into account. Here the merit criterion is based on the academic performance of the preceding year and the means criterion is based on the gross family income.

The GIIS Scholarship funds cover accommodation costs and other significant expenses of the candidates. It also provides concessions on the tuition fees. Students are encouraged to apply for scholarships offered by GIIS to imbibe their pedagogical structure that is designed to mold the candidates into responsible global citizens and distinguished individuals in all aspects of life augmenting holistic development. The students can focus on their academic performance as they experience a debt-free educational process.

The predominant eligibility criteria irrespective of any GIIS scholarship mandate the students and their parents or guardians to be verified citizens of the UAE.

Zayed Gandhi Merit Cum Means Scholarship –

The scholarship program is funded to both new entrants and formerly enrolled students under four categories, namely: 

Category A

Eligibility – annual family income below 10000 AED

Benefit – 15% waiver on tuition fees

Category B

Eligibility – annual family income 10001-13000 AED

Benefit – 11% waiver in tuition fees

Category C

Eligibility – annual family income 13001-14000 AED

Benefit – 8% waiver on tuition fees

Category D

Eligibility – annual family income 14001-15000 AED

Benefit – 5% waiver on tuition fees


Students of grades 2 to 11 are eligible to avail of this educational grant. The tenure of the scholarship is 2 years and is non-transferable and non-exchangeable. Students should score at least 91% in their previous annual examination to win the Merit Cum Means scholarship.

 Documents Required:

 The following documents are required to be enclosed along with the MCM scholarship application :

  1. A copy of the student’s and parent’s UAE residence visa and Emirates ID
  2. Passport size photographs
  3. Parent’s annual income documents
  4. Applicant’s academic record of the past two years
  5. Certificates of accomplishments, if applicable.
  6. Applicant’s medical certificate
  7. A scholarship essay


  1. Fill out the application form with all the documentation required to be attached. This forms the basis for preliminary screening
  2. On being selected the next step is an online assessment followed by an interview for the final shortlisting.
  3. On being selected the candidate is informed of the same within 7 working days and thereafter required to sign the scholarship deed within the stipulated time.

To apply for an Mcm scholarship and achieve them, certain tips should be considered. Determine your unique attributes as the GIIS scholarships are not only meant for academically meritorious students. Begin the application process early and submit the form before the deadline to enhance the chances of getting shortlisted. The integrant of foremost importance is retaining a commendable confidence level during the personal interview and keeping regular track of the application updates.