Sharjah Travel Advisory Updates For UAE Resident

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We all know that the whole world is suffering from the second wave of COVID-19. Countries that opened their borders are closing and many of them are also coming up with new rules and regulations. If you are planning to check Lahore to Dubai ticket price to visit the UAE you must know the latest update to reach Sharjah.

That’s because Sharjah has come up with a new travel advisory for all travelers. Whether they are taking affordable ticket booking or luxury flights. Keep on reading to find out more details about the news.

The News

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) gains momentum around the world. Sharjah is reaching out to all residents and visitors with a message of safety and commitment. These are special times and we urge everyone to make health and well-being a priority.

We thank the healthcare professionals and those who fight the virus every day. Strict controls and systems have been put in place to restrict public traffic and prevent transmission of the virus. Including the necessary shutdown of the emirate’s attractions, destinations, and postponement of events, while the global situation is monitored.

The authorities explain that they remain committed to rapidly adapting and working with all our partners. And authorities to formulate and apply the most effective measures to reduce the negative effects of this crisis.

Rules and Regulations

All nations around the world unite in this effort, and we will succeed through scientific innovation and compassion. During this time, the spread of the virus is constrained by being within the confines of one’s own home, and communities.

That stay at home show the best possible support for larger international efforts against the virus. Sharjah has invited guests from everywhere the world for millennia. And when the world conquers the current emergency, we anticipate inviting visitors back to our shores, protected and solid.

It’s time to travel again before you do so, be sure to check out the official guides before you start planning to check Lahore to Dubai Ticket Price to visit Sharjah.

Requirements for Citizens

  1. All UAE nationals and residents are now allowed to travel abroad via Sharjah Airport by following the travel guidelines and procedures of the respective countries.

  2. passengers will have to comply with the health requirements of the country they are traveling to and perform PCR if necessary.

  3. Travelers must have international health insurance for each trip.

  4. Travelers will need to have international health insurance when traveling abroad and undergo a PCR test on arrival at Sharjah Airport.

Requirements for the Passengers Entering Sharjah

Passengers from all countries are welcome at Sharjah Airport, provided they have:

  1. valid ticket.

  2. International medical insurance.

  3. Passengers must be PCR negative later than 96 hours before arrival at Sharjah Airport.

Verification should be introduced upon landing in Sharjah Airport and a similar assessment should be performed upon landing in Sharjah Airport – Arrivals from all objections should finish and sign a wellbeing guarantee shape and convey it to the suitable air terminal position.

Travelers arriving at Sharjah Airport must have the following:

  1. Self-quarantine at your hotel or residence until the test results are known.

  2. Follow the procedures of the Ministry of Health and isolate if positive.

  3. Download the ALHOSN app for tracking and tracking purposes.

These requirements will be applied to all the passengers whether they are reaching by taking affordable ticket booking or luxury flights.


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