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Know About Salesforce Sales Cloud

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Know About Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce CRM offers varied platforms to their users that help them in undertaking specific business activities in an automated and effective manner. Each of these platforms serves important purposes pertaining to the marketing and sales teams of a business organization. One such Salesforce platform that has been helping businesses of all scales is Salesforce Sales Cloud.

What is Salesforce Sales Cloud?

As the name suggests, Salesforce Sales Cloud is essentially a cloud-based platform. That is dedicated to leveraging the sales team of an organization and improving its efficiency. It helps the members of a sales team to perform their tasks faster and more effectively. Ultimately leading to an increase in the sales conducted and deals closed by them.

This platform can be used by the sales team members to obtain specific details regarding their present, prospective, and past customers and initiate communication that is uniquely persuasive. This approach helps you in reaching out to your customers with powerful sales strategies. That is based on their specific likes and preferences. Sales Cloud also helps you in gauging the sales potential of the leads generated and nurturing them according to their likeliness of getting converted.

What Are The Features of Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Here are some of the most important features pertaining to the platform of Salesforce Sales Cloud:

  • Contact Management – This feature helps you in obtaining all necessary information regarding the contacts stored in your database such as names, contact details, and previous interactions.
  • Opportunity Management – This feature shows you all the opportunities that are available for your team to tap and tracks the progress as your team gets to work.
  • Lead Management – This feature allows you to generate leads, grade them according to their response, qualify them, and nurture them in order to close the sales deal as quickly and effectively as possible.
  •  Salesforce Engage – This feature helps you in creating effective sales campaigns and gives real-time alerts pertaining to all the active leads.
  • Reports and Dashboards – These tools allow you to summarise all necessary activities undertaken by your sales team and analyze the same to take productive decisions.
  • Sales Forecasting – This is the feature that takes into consideration all relevant business data stored on the platform and provides you with effective predictions regarding the sales you are likely to conduct.

Goals Attained Using Sales Cloud

The platform of Salesforce Sales Cloud would help you in attaining the following business goals:

  • Closing More Deals – As the Sales Cloud provides you with sufficient information about the leads generated by the team along with their specific likes and preferences, you can hit directly on the sweet spots and close more sales deals.
  • Completing Sales Cycle Faster – Owing to the high degree of automation, functionality, and efficiency provided by Salesforce Sales Cloud, your team can complete sales cycles at a much faster rate as compared to using traditional sales methods.
  • Receiving More Deals – Once you are vigilant in using the platform, it would allow you to satisfy all the needs of your customers with minimal complaints. This would ultimately improve your image in the market and would bring you many more deals to close using Sales Cloud.
  • Taking Quick Decisions – Along with being an automated platform, Salesforce Sales Cloud also provides users with informative reports and dashboards that give an elaborate picture of where the business in general and the sales team in particular stands. Using these tools, you can take prompt business decisions to reinforce the strategies and work and rule out the ones that don’t.