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Home » Kheerganga Trek perfect weekend destination

Kheerganga Trek perfect weekend destination

Kheerganga Trek perfect weekend destination

Quick Facts 

Total trek Distance: 24 km

Altitude: 9,700 ft

Difficulty Level: Easy To Moderate 

Trekking Type: Steep ascent throughout the trail 

Best time to visit: March to May


The picture-perfect Kheerganga Trek is one of the most well-known trekking destinations in Himachal Pradesh. It is situated at the peak of the Parvati Valley’s top mountains It is serenely spreaded over the extreme end of the Parvati Valley. 

In order to compose a good picture, Kheerganga offers you overwhelming panoramic skies and extensive greenery. It offers every trekker a relaxing delight and a relief to exhausted minds and bodies. It is also a gratifying landscape for the eyes of any photographer.

Main highlights

The trek will take you alongside the Parvati Valley through thick forests, steep climbs including a rare range of flora & fauna, and astounding waterfalls. Apart from these unforgettable experiences, the trip will give you a great deal. Planning a trip to Kheerganga is, therefore, a brilliant way to spend your weekend.

Kheerganga Trek perfect weekend destination

You get to explore Rudra Nag village on your way to this trek. These scenic hamlets mark a perfect stop at different locations which are ideal for experiencing Himachal Pradesh’s local culture. Because of the soothing hot water spring and a small temple dedicated to Lord Shiva called the temple of Rudra Nag, it has a sanctity attached to it. You get to take a bath in the hot water in the ambiance where everything around you is covered with snow. It is a dream for all trekkers. It is thus possible to combine the joy of photography with a holy visit to the temple.

The path gets a little steeper as you reach the waterfall, and then you start seeing the blue and yellow huts that signify the final landmark of the trek, i.e. the peak of Kheerganga. You can go straight to the Parvati Kund after reaching Kheerganga, which becomes more enticing in the winter.

You can catch the glorious view of the mighty snow-clad Himalayas, and the dark green beauty of the trees, after reaching the top of the lush green meadow. The bright blue sky and calming atmosphere will make you stop and appreciate nature’s serene beauty. You will take your journey to the next stage by pitching your tent at the top and relaxing there.

Staying in the festival tent at the summit and enjoying your life’s most alluring stargazed nights. On the dark clouds, the twinkling stars shine like sparkles and glitter. The greatest feeling you can cherish for a lifetime is sleeping under the skies. The bonfire and the music session at the campsite are the cherry on top.

About weather

The best time to take a trip to Kheerganga is between April and June and between September and March. If you are a snow lover, then for a better and more amazing experience, visit this spiritual place in the winter months.

The weather remains hot in the summer and the sun shines a little brighter. So, kindly note this and also don’t forget to bring your shades and sunscreen. The temperature drops to negative in winter, and you will witness snowfall. So, you need to take the right trekking gear and safely walk.

Options to Stay 

When it comes to staying, Kheerganga has a lot of choices. The Ashram on top of the hill and the wooden houses that serve as the ideal homestays. The prices of these accommodations differ according to your comfort priority.

The choice of tents also helps you to go in. They are available at reasonable prices or you can set up your own tent for which your own tent equipment has to be brought.

Options for Food 

To satisfy the passing travelers, Kheerganga also has a strong variety of cuisines and cafe setups. The food prices are moderate and the quality of the food served here is good as well. 

Chinese, Israeli, Indian, and the local Himachali cuisine are the cuisines that can be easily found in this region. At these little dhabas and cafes, one of the must-try items is their abundance of hot drinks like tea, coffee, and others, which make a perfect rejuvenation package when combined with the spectacular view.