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Is Airphysio Good for Bronchiectasis? How?

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Bronchiectasis is an abnormal dilatation of the central and medium-sized airways. It happens when permanent or irreversible damage affects the bronchi. Bronchi is the central passageway of the lungs, and it helps to moisturize the air you inhale and remove the foreign particles. 

Hence, any damage to this part of the respiratory system can significantly impact your breathing function. Bronchiectasis can also contribute to many other respiratory issues and reduce the symptoms; you can use an OPEP device like AirPhysio. It’s a natural, drug-free OPEP device that assists the body’s natural airway clearance process to improve respiratory conditions. 

Curious about Is AirPhysio good for bronchiectasis? How? AirPhysio creates vibration and positive pressure in your airways which loosens, breaks up mucus, and lets you cough out them naturally. This process assists in reducing the symptoms of bronchiectasis and many respiratory conditions as well.

What Is Bronchiectasis Disease?


What is bronchiectasis? It is a chronic lung condition also known as a respiratory disease. Bronchiectasis is a kind of obstructive condition that causes permanent destruction of the bronchial walls of the lungs’ airways. This respiratory disease accumulates copious amounts of bronchial secretions, which cause several breathing issues. 

Bronchiectasis is a chronic disease that may not be cured completely, but you can reduce the symptoms. You can take medicine or use an OPEP device to cut down the signs. Among plenty of OPEP devices, AirPhysio is the best and registered with FDA medical-grade quality. AirPhysio will also help you to deal with COPS, asthma, emphysema and learn more about it from gadgetinquire

Is AirPhysio Good for Bronchiectasis? How?

Bronchiectasis is a lung condition that makes the bronchi walls thick from inflammation and infection. It causes excess mucus than usual, and our natural cleaning process is insufficient to remove them. That results in some parts of the lungs becoming scarred, damaged, and dilated, and in that case, AirPhysio can help.

AirPhysio is a natural device that doesn’t require any liquids or chemicals. It will be more than a good option for bronchiectasis patients because AirPhysio helps to improve lung health. AirPhysio also promotes optimal hygiene in the lung and restores lung capacity as well.

  • How AirPhysio Helps to Reduce Bronchiectasis Symptoms?

Wondering how AirPhysio helps to maintain bronchiectasis and related symptoms? This OPEP or oscillating positive expiratory pressure device will use two distinct ways to treat bronchiectasis conditions. AirPhysio will use pressure and vibration to clear out the pockets of mucus. It will be like using the physiotherapy method to manage bronchiectasis. Follow the below steps to know how- 

  • First of all, AirPhysio will use a two-stage like AirPhysio mobilization and elimination method. This two-stage will combine to create a positive pressure to loosen the excess mucus from the airways. It will assist the natural mucus cleaning process. The pressure will loosen the mucus, and then you can naturally cough out them and enjoy normal breathing. 
  • AirPhysio will use the deep breath method to loosen the excess mucus and remove them. It will be like a physiotherapy method for lungs, which will help to ensure optimal breathing. Alongside breathing, AirPhysio will also provide healthy lungs and improve overall health conditions.

How to Use AirPhysio to Treat Bronchiectasis? 

Since AirPhysio is portable and doesn’t need any chemical to operate, anybody can easily use it. Anyone can easily use this lung expansion device by following an appropriate guideline. Here are the steps you need to follow- 

Step – 1   First take the AirPhysio and take a comfortable posture position.

Step – 2   Now take a deep breath and hold it for a couple of seconds. (2 -3 seconds)

Step – 3   Place the AirPhysio in your mouth by lifting the protective cap upward.

Step – 4 Now start exhaling through the OPEP device and keep exhaling for 3-5 seconds. Always try to exhale reasonably fast and avoid blowing too fast or hard. (Make sure you do not empty the lungs.)

Step – 5  Adjust the title to get maximum vibration in your chest. (Try to keep your cheeks stiff as possible)

Step – 6   You need to repeat the same 2 to 3 times a day for 5 to 10 breaths. After exhaling, when you feel that your airway’s mucus accumulated on the top of your lungs, simply cough it out.

Why Should You Use AirPhysio for Bronchiectasis?

We’ve already explained how AirPhysio helps to treat bronchiectasis and how it works. Here we’ll discuss who this innovative and drug-free device will be beneficial for you. 

  • Loosen and break up mucus from airway walls and also ensure comfortable secretion.
  • AirPhysio aids the natural mucus removal process without using any drug.
  • It helps to unlock the blocked airways and also promotes lung expansion.
  • AirPhysio will help to engage the underutilized parts of the lungs. 
  • Significantly helps to reduce the inhaled allergens and pollutants.
  • AirPhysio boosts pulmonary hygiene, which will cut down the risk of pneumonia and many more infections.

The Most Common Causes of Bronchiectasis


There are plenty of conditions that have been linked to the bronchiectasis issue. The most common cause of this respiratory disease is a previous lung infection. More conditions can trigger bronchiectasis, and some of them are included in the following-

  • Smoking cigarettes or tobacco 
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Lung infections
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Congenital disorders
  • Foreign body obstruction

The Sign and Symptoms of Bronchiectasis

Well, the signs or symptoms of bronchiectasis can be different from person to person. Despite the fact that shortness of breath and coughing are the common symptoms of bronchiectasis. Here we’ve included some of the most common symptoms of this respiratory disease.

  • Chronic cough
  • Large amounts of green/yellow sputum
  • Wheezing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest pain
  • Coughing up blood
  • Atelectasis
  • Cor pulmonale

You need to keep in mind that there are many more symptoms or signs of bronchiectasis. Above, we’ve only included some of the most common among them.

Final Thought

If you have bronchiectasis, you should know that it can cause permanent damage to your respiratory system. However, appropriate treatment like using AirPhysio can help to prevent the condition from getting worse. Since you know why Is AirPhysio good for bronchiectasis? How? Start using it from today, and then you can feel a massive impact in a short time. You also need to remember that practicing or continuing doing things that trigger bronchiectasis can deprive you of getting AirPhysio benefits.