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Influencer Marketing: Is It Still Relevant In 2022

Influencer Marketing

The last two years have been really tough for us and also for every industry. But we have learned to face the unknown and stand up again quickly on our feet after falling. 

We can take the example of influencer marketing. During the pandemic time, the influencer marketing industry was not at all certain about its potential. But later on, it has become an integral part of digital marketing. 

Standing in 2022, influencer marketing indeed has become much stronger, and even brands are ready to spend $15 billion on influencer marketing. With this, the industry is reaching new heights.

Even if you are thinking about opting for the influencer marketing program, we will strongly recommend you to try that. Here, you also have to ensure that you are measuring and determining the effectiveness of your influencer marketing campaign in order to get the best from it. 

In doing that, a number of tools and software can help you; you can download them for free from  

All About Influencer Marketing In 2022

If you are still hesitating to opt for influencer marketing and want to know whether it is relevant in 2022 or not, here is a guide for you. 

Influencer Marketing

TikTok Is Going To Be Biggers 

To be honest, this social media platform is contagious and addictive. TikTok drives some serious engagement numbers across the boards and also has inspired large-scale shifts along with imitations from other platforms. 

We can take the example of Instagram Reels here. 

The huge growth of TikTok is basically fueled by young adults. If they are your target customers, or they might become your potential customers in the coming days, TikTok can really bring you some beneficial stuff. 

The Competition Of Creator Friendly Tool Is Still On

On the basis of engagement, social media platforms make money. So, they are always interested in keeping influencers motivated to create engaging content pieces. That is why they are also working on offering different types of content creation tools. 

When TiikTok is winning hearts of the tongue adults, Instagram is offering a more professional approach by allowing brands to create content in partnership with influencers. When the influencers are making money through collaborations, brands are getting access to the influencers’ loyal followers. 

The Entire Marketing Funnel Will Be Taken Over By Influencers

The pandemic time has proven the potential of digital presence and eCommerce capabilities. When Instagram is testing native affiliate tools that will allow creators to earn for every purchase they are encouraging through the app. 

On the other hand, TikTok is all set to launch TikTok shopping and expand its partnership with Shopify. When platforms are pushing in-app shopping, influencers are gradually acquiring the entire marketing funnel. 

LinkedIn Influencers Will Emerge

In the year 2020, we have seen that companies are using their very own people, and their employees as influencers and creators on social media platforms. The number of such organizations has also started to grow quickly. 

When B2B companies are looking for increasing credibility and relevance with their customers, LinkedIn influencers can actually help a lot. And currency more such companies are willing to work with them. So, we can expect a shift in LinkedIn influencers. 

Esports Influencers Will Go Mainstream

In the year 2021, the global industry of esports was worth over $1.08 million, and that amount is predicted to go beyond $1.7 billion by the year 2024. Due to the higher level of audience engagement, we have noticed that exports are indeed a natural fit for influencer marketing. 

If we talk about the esports fans, they are loyal, and also interested in staying engaged for hours at a time. Esports influencer campaigns are typically focused on gaming-related products. Still, we are seeing big brands looking to capitalize on this particular audience. 

What’s Next For Influencer Marketing? 

Experts are predicting that 2022 is going to be a year when partnerships between influencers and brands will become stronger, more purposeful, and more diverse. This particular digital transformation will continue to get retail online. 

That means brands will start looking to create partnerships with influencers and creators to acquire different aspects of the digital market. We are also expecting to see influencers are also taking advantage of these opportunities and the growing respect for their creation and work.