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How Does Tiktok Affect Mental Health Of Teenagers?

Do you know about the 50 most famous tiktokers? If yes, then you lie in the same league rest of the 55% of the population of the USA lies in.  Social Media has become very addictive now, some apps mainly Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and WhatsApp were considered to contribute to this cause but a new app with just 4 years of its development is challenging these applications with its addictive and engaging algorithm. Yes, you guessed it right, it is the most famous TikTok app.

Is TikTok A Good Or Bad Choice For Teenagers?

Teenagers might start to think about how the app affects their mental health but still scroll through the most famous tiktokers on it for hours. The kid who had orders from her mom to finish the chores never completed them at all. Just a couple of minutes of watching the famous tiktokers of 2020 resulted in scrolling on the app for three hours. TikTok seems very much addictive and it looks never-ending. Is this thing good or bad?

After a poll conducted in RCHS about TikTok, the results that came were pretty shocking since almost 44% of the students voted TikTok as a stress-relieving app and a reason to spread happiness and laugh around, reported by ‘Emma Brooke’. Among the rest of the 56% of RCHS students, almost 34% thought that the app TikTok does not affect their mental health while the other 20% considered the app bad for mental health.

There is nothing in this world that has no pros and cons, TikTok is also one of them have good and bad attributes. But it solely depends on its users that how they tackle it and look on the bright side rather than being a less good person and opting to watch or create the stuff that is unethical and unliked by the people.

What Psychologist Dr. Sarah Jones says about Tiktok?

Dr. Sarah James while giving an interview to Emma Brooke expressed his feeling regarding the most famous TikTok app. ”Moderation, balance, and privacy settings (are important), Young adults should use social media in moderation, much like all things in life’,’ she said.

Dr.Jones is the director of cadet counseling at VMI and she also believes that social media can be beneficial to teens. Because it gives a sense of belonging teens and their personal issues can be reduced but also not everyone feels the same way and again brings us to the point that it is one’s personal choice how he/she uses the app and reacts to its content.

Opting for the lifestyle of the Most Famous Tiktokers!

Most people often get impressed by the lifestyles of the most famous TikTok and try to copy them. But little do they know that not everyone can achieve the same result by walking on the same path and those influenced people get their mental health affected by this. TikTok is not a bad app, it is the use of the app that makes it good or bad.

According to many people, TikTok brings happiness and relief in times of chaos. Especially during COVID times, it allowed people to cope with isolation and mental boredom instead of them going out and meeting people and getting infected and losing their lives in the end. Hence TikTok has been a lifesaver as well and it now solely depends on people how they interpret the most famous TikTok app based on their use and interaction with the app.

‘Cringe’ Is The Word Now Associated With TikTok?

TikTok is operated in more than 150 markets of the world. There is the word ‘Cringe’ that is most likely to be related to the famous tiktokers. Mainly because of the unrealistic and lame content they make but again. It is the opinion of some people only while other find that content to be watchable, attractive and stress reliever. Which brings us to the conclusion that it is not the app, it is the use which either makes it good or bad.